We Are Marketcircle

We help small businesses grow with incredible apps made exclusively for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. And we’re a pretty cool company too :)

Meet The Team

We Believe In Empowering Small Business

Small business is on the rise. More are being created each day, and some are teaming up to work together. We want to help you grow yours because we’re a small business too. We were a tiny team of two when we started Marketcircle in 1999, and we’re proud of our large team today (37 strong!). We get that you crave a flexible and fulfilling lifestyle, so do we! And you’re just the right amount of crazy to go out on your own. Yes, we called you crazy. Because you have to be a little nuts to start your own business. We’re here to help you on your frantic and sometimes daunting journey so you can build your business and live a better, happier life. We don’t want to have to see you struggle working insane hours to keep up with all the tedious things that come with running a business. We want you to be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour. By enhancing the way you work we want to help you get the most out of your time so you can execute your vision, and maybe even regain some of your sanity.

How We Help Small Businesses

You have so many ideas in your head and these can quickly turn into clutter before you even start to actually work. We help clean out the clutter with apps that organize your mind and make things easier to keep track of. Sometimes smaller companies need big company features but these are expensive and hard to implement. We make them available at an affordable price and with relative ease of use. Our apps have a core purpose which is to help you focus on winning new business opportunities by delivering on your promises. Daylite is like your brain except it can remember EVERYTHING, while Billings Pro keeps track of the billable work that earns you money. With our apps you can love working again and focus on growing your business.

The Benefit of Native Apps

We chose to start developing native apps instead of web apps because we want to give you a better product with a better user experience– and native apps do this. Internet still has a ways to go in terms of reliable availability, and in some places it isn’t even there! (planes, basements etc). When it’s there it’s great, and when it’s not, work shouldn’t have to stop. Native apps store your info right on your device so you don’t need Internet to access your important data. With our apps you can sync your devices when you have an Internet connection and keep working even when you don’t. Additionally computers and mobile devices keep getting faster and more powerful; native apps are able to take advantage of these constant improvements in technology.

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