Award-Winning Business App Company Released New Version of Innovative Productivity Software for Mac, iPhone and iPad

April 22, 2014

Customer Relationship Management and Productivity Application Daylite Helps Small Businesses Grow.

TORONTO, Canada – April 22, 2014 – Marketcircle released Daylite 5 for Mac, iPhone and iPad today. This upgraded version of Marketcircle’s best-selling app can help small businesses further increase productivity through better relationship and task management. The app enhanced with 7 new key features is available for immediate download on Marketcircle’s website.

"With Daylite 5, we've really tried to help give you insight into your business. Both Insight View and Timeline offer innovative ways for you to instantly see critical information in a succinct and visually recognizable manner." said Alykhan Jetha, CEO of Marketcircle. "Furthermore, not only have we added a number of key features, but we've also done a lot of work to refine and remove anything unnecessary in order to bring your business content to the forefront on the iPhone, iPad and on the Mac."

New Features

  • Insight view
  • Timeline
  • Repeating tasks
  • Improved sidebar
  • Edit from Apple Mail Advanced filtering
  • Clean new look for Mac & iOS 7

Daylite for Mac

The Insight View is a new visual summary of your contacts, opportunities, and projects that allows seeing, exploring and digging into data. Interactive charts offer a new way to look at and explore data and offer insight and help answer questions about your business. Users can analyze where and when potential business is won or lost in order to make educated decisions moving forward.

A timeline has been added to the activity view to enhance the ability to instantly review and assess relationships. Users can quickly see the duration of the relationship as well as the amount of interaction over time. Additionally, they can jump to a point in time or use the activity search to find a specific email or appointment content.

Other new features include repeating tasks, folders in the sidebar, editing contact information from within Apple Mail, and advanced filtering options.

Daylite for iPhone and iPad

Daylite 5 was redesigned for iOS 7. This enhanced version makes it easier to clearly see important information such as daily and weekly appointments, tasks, and deadlines.

Search has been added to the home screen to quickly find any contact name, phone number, or details about a sale on-the-go.

Background app refresh allows Daylite to be up-to-date the moment the user opens the app. iOS 7 learns how often a person uses Daylite and syncs in the background.

Pricing & Availability

To download Daylite or to learn more, visit Pricing is available at

About Daylite

Daylite is a relationship and commitment management solution for the Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Daylite is built for small businesses that want a better way to organize and leverage their key information. It allows teams to share information, collaborate on projects, schedule meetings, delegate tasks, and track new business opportunities. Daylite is a native application that syncs between Macs, iPads, and iPhones and can be used by an individual or a team.

About Marketcircle Inc.

Marketcircle Inc. is a privately held company in Toronto, Canada. Marketcircle helps small businesses grow by developing award-winning apps for the Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Additional information can be found at

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