Mac Based Software Company Releases Latest Version of Award-Winning Business Productivity App

December 03, 2015

If you’re a Mac based small business or freelancer in the service space, you’ve probably heard of Marketcircle, a software company in Toronto that develops small business apps exclusively for Apple products. Today Marketcircle announced their release of Daylite 6, the latest and greatest version of their award-winning CRM & business productivity app for the Mac, iPhone & iPad. Along with new time-saving features and visual enhancements to the app, Marketcircle announced that Daylite now works with their cloud service, meaning users can get all the benefits of working with a native Mac app along with the convenience of the cloud. This announcement is a pivoting point for Marketcircle as they move to a SaaS (Software as a Service) business model.

“Over the years, the biggest challenge for new users has been the setup of Daylite Server – the central piece that makes the whole Daylite ecosystem work. Instead of making Daylite a web app, we wanted to keep the beauty and benefits of the pure Mac app, while removing the need for the server in order to give our customers the best user experience possible.” says AJ, CEO of Marketcircle.

By bringing a cloud service to Daylite, Marketcircle is giving small businesses the best of both worlds. Users can now take advantage of being able to work independent of the Internet while managing clients, tasks, and projects from their Mac, iPhone, or iPad without needing networking knowledge or IT staff for managing data storage and backups.

“Being a very satisfied Daylite customer since 2007, I value stability most of all for my company CRM.” says Vincent Goalard, Founder of International Pharma Services and one of the first few customers to try Daylite 6 with Marketcircle’s new cloud service. “I must say that after testing Daylite Cloud, I was immediately convinced. Initial setup was flawless. No more need to run a server. My mobile devices sync perfectly. Basically, a whole lot of trouble just disappeared.”

With this release, Marketcircle is proving that small businesses really can have their cake and eat it too.

Daylite has also been loaded with new features to make managing day-to-day operations easier. Users can enjoy flexible task lists for freely organizing to-dos, improved task filtering, a calendar year view, a mini calendar for easy scheduling from anywhere within the app, faster syncing between devices, and more.

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About Marketcircle

Marketcircle is an all Mac software company based in Toronto, ON. They have been developing small business apps exclusively for Apple devices for over a decade and have won numerous awards including Apple Design Awards and MacLife’s Best 100 iPhone Apps. Marketcircle’s mission is to help small business grow with awesome Mac, iPhone, and iPad apps.

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