Small Business CRM, Daylite, Announces Integration with Google, iCloud, and Exchange Calendars on iPhone and iPad

September 28, 2020

Marketcircle, developers of the award-winning small business CRM, Daylite, unveiled integration with other calendars like iCloud, Google, Exchange and more on the iPhone and iPad. Small businesses are now equipped to stay on top of hectic schedules no matter where they are!

For the small business owner on the go that needs to keep track of a packed schedule, Daylite is making it easier than ever by keeping every event, from business meetings to soccer practice, all in one place!

“Using Daylite to view and edit all my calendars in one place, I feel clear and in control. And, being super busy, that feels amazing!” says Andy Goundry, a Daylite customer.

Daylite customers can now:

  • View both personal and family calendars in one place for easy scheduling.
  • Reschedule, edit, or update any personal appointments from a different calendar right in Daylite.
  • Collaborate with coworkers or clients using other calendars like Google or Exchange from within Daylite.

The new calendar integration in Daylite for the iPhone and iPad allows users to manage every aspect of their schedule, whether work or personal, all in one place. Rather than switching between multiple calendar apps to check availability, Daylite users can now quickly view all their events with one app. Now while waiting for a client, the subway, or lunch, business owners can easily schedule meetings on the go while having full visibility over their work and personal schedule, all right from the Daylite app on their iPhone or iPad.

Additionally, this integration makes it possible to easily edit or reschedule appointments from other calendars on macOS. With all their calendars easily accessed from one place, small business owners can have more control over their sometimes chaotic schedules.

About Daylite: Daylite has been named a top CRM for small business by Gartner's Capterra, the leading online resource for business software buyers. Daylite is used by thousands of small businesses in over 100 countries to keep track of client communication and details along with all the moving pieces and next steps in projects. Daylite is available exclusively for the Mac, iPhone & iPad and integrates with Apple devices so users can leverage Apple Mail integration, Siri and Caller ID, and syncing with Apple Contacts & Calendar.

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