Refugee, Now SMB Owner, Receives Employer Appreciation Award for Paying It Forward

April 12, 2017

Marketcircle Inc. CEO, Alykhan Jetha, came to Canada as a refugee when he was a child and has since grown a small software company of 40 employees in Toronto. Marketcircle Inc. has received numerous awards for their software and was just awarded for their participation in the Enhanced Language Training Program. Alykhan remembers the struggles faced by his parents and older siblings when they emigrated to Canada – specifically trying to find jobs – so when the Enhanced Language Training Program coordinator approached Marketcircle, Alykhan didn’t hesitate to get involved.

"The vast majority of immigrants– especially refugees– become assets to the country once they've assimilated and Canada does a great job of this assisting during the transition. Getting involved in a program that helps new immigrants to enter the Canadian workforce was a no-brainer. In the future, many of them will help drive our great country forward."

– Alykhan Jetha, CEO of Marketcircle Inc.

Marketcircle Inc. is a Toronto-based software company that has been developing small business apps exclusively for Apple products for over a decade. Their mission is to empower small businesses to do what they love through amazing software.

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