Invoicing App For Freelancers & SMBs Now Supports Multitasking on iPad

September 16, 2015

Since Apple’s announcement of the iPad Pro, people everywhere are buzzing with excitement about the new possibilities that this device will bring. Apple claims that the iPad continues to “transform the way we do things” and will allow people “to be more productive, more creative.” Mac-based software company in Toronto, Marketcircle, is jumping onboard with Apple’s vision and has announced that their award-winning invoicing app, Billings Pro, now supports multitasking on the iPad. Since hearing about multitasking at WWDC, Marketcircle’s CEO, Alykhan Jetha (AJ), has anxiously been awaiting this new feature.

“We knew right away that multitasking was the shot in the arm that the iPad needed. It isn’t just a new feature – it will change the way people work, make them more productive. We’re extremely excited to see how this will improve our customers’ workflow on the iPad.” says AJ.

With this release of Billings Pro, users will be able to switch between timers, add client payments, and even create invoices from scratch– all while working in another app on the iPad simultaneously. Users can quickly slide in Billings Pro to edit the details of a timer while working on their iPad, or use Split Screen to built an estimate at the same time as they review an email from the client containing the project specs. Marketcircle is banking that this release will completely change the way their customers work on the iPad.

About Billings Pro

Billings Pro is an invoicing and time-tracking app designed for freelancers and small businesses and is available exclusively for the Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Billings Pro is a native application that stores information right on the user’s device, and syncs changes seamlessly over the Internet. Billings Pro can be used as an individual or with a team.


To download Billings Pro or to learn more, visit Pricing is available at

About Marketcircle

Marketcircle is a Mac-based software company based in Toronto, ON. They have been developing small business apps exclusively for Apple devices for over a decade and have won numerous awards including Apple Design Awards and MacLife’s Best 100 iPhone Apps. Marketcircle’s mission is to help small business grow with awesome Mac, iPhone, and iPad apps.

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