Daylite, Small Business CRM, Revolutionizes Email Management On The Go

July 30, 2019

Marketcircle, developers of the popular Mac CRM, Daylite, unveiled Daylite Mail for iPhone & iPad, enabling small businesses to process emails faster than ever while on the go.

For the small business owner on the go that needs to keep track of client communication and next steps on projects, Daylite is revolutionizing how they manage email and make more use of their time out of the office.

“Daylite Mail on the iPhone & iPad is a revolution!" says Ken Blanford, an attorney that's been using Daylite as his small business CRM for years. "I'm always on the go and always have my iPhone with me. I processed over 1000 emails in the first few days of trying Daylite Mail on the iPhone & iPad. I no longer have to watch my inbox grow and feel anxious about what's in there!"

The new Mail feature in Daylite for the iPhone and iPad allows users to manage email anywhere while making sure communications and action items are captured and organized in the CRM. Rather than switching from an email app to CRM or dealing with email folders, Daylite Mail allows users to quickly go through their inbox and turn each email into action items such as follow-up reminders, tasks, or projects in the CRM.

Now while waiting for a client, the subway, or lunch, business owners can set reminders to follow-up with a client, create a new contact in their database, and schedule appointments in their calendar– all right from their inbox with Daylite Mail for iPhone & iPad.

Additionally, Daylite Mail for iPhone & iPad allows users to virtually paperclip emails to the appropriate client, project, or deal in the database so email communication is tracked and organized. With a history of all communications just a click away, staying on top of clients and projects has never been so easy.

Daylite Mail for iPhone & iPad is included in the subscription of Daylite and is available to download and try free for 14 days on the Marketcircle website.

About Daylite

Daylite has been named a top Mac CRM for small business by Gartner's Capterra, the leading online resource for business software buyers. Daylite is used by thousands of small businesses in over 100 countries to keep track of client communication and details along with all the moving pieces and next steps in projects. Daylite is available exclusively for the Mac, iPhone & iPad and integrates with Apple devices so users can leverage Apple Mail integration, Siri and Caller ID, and syncing with Apple Contacts & Calendar.

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