Daylite Mac CRM Developer, Marketcircle, Fully Embraces The SaaS Business Model

February 26, 2018

Today Marketcircle, developers of the popular small business Mac CRM, Daylite, announced their farewell to their licensed-based product as they focus solely on their SaaS offering. Daylite was a breakthrough product for the Mac OS X platform first introduced in 2002. After launching Daylite Cloud in 2015, Marketcircle gave customers the option of purchasing a license of Daylite and manage their own server, or paying a subscription for Daylite Cloud. In the past two years, hundreds of customers each month were lining up to make the move to Daylite Cloud, including the customer that bought the very first Daylite license. With 87% of Marketcircle's revenue coming from Cloud, it's clear Daylite Cloud is the way forward.

"I am truly humbled that our very first Daylite customer, whose license I created manually 16 years ago, is a Daylite Cloud customer. It means we are doing something right." says Marketcircle CEO, Alykhan Jetha (AJ). "I'm confident our decision to focus on our cloud platform and transition to a fully SaaS business is the right move to continue evolving both Daylite and our company. It's good for us, but more importantly, it's good for our customers."

The cloud-hosted version of the small business Mac CRM, Daylite, offers customers additional benefits including:

  • Faster syncing between devices & users
  • Zapier integration & access to the Daylite API
  • Additional features such as Push Notifications
  • Less IT-related costs & downtime
  • And more security than the average self-hosted setup
  • Pricing and Availability

Daylite is available as a free download through the Apple App Store and on the Marketcircle website. Daylite is available on a limited free plan or an unlimited monthly or annual subscription. Subscriptions are available for \$29 USD/user/month. A 30-day free trial is available on the Marketcircle website.

##About Marketcircle

Based in Toronto, Marketcircle is a software company that develops the award-winning Mac CRM and Project Management app, Daylite, available exclusively for Apple devices. Daylite is used today by over 20,000 small businesses in over 100 countries to manage customers, sales, & projects in one place. Daylite was built specifically for the Apple ecosystem and integrates with Apple Mail as well as the native Apple Contacts and Calendar apps. Daylite's integration with the Apple ecosystem allows users to leverage Siri, Caller ID, Notification Centre, and Multitasking on iPad. Unlike most small business CRMs that are a web app, Daylite is a native app that allows users to work offline and sync in the cloud. For more information about Daylite Mac CRM, visit

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