Daylite for Project Management
Daylite for Project Management

Daylite, Simple Project Management for Real Life.

Plan. Prioritize. Finish on Time.

Streamline processes and increase productivity.

Share and prioritize tasks with your team.

Track projects anywhere on your Mac, iPhone & iPad.

Why use Daylite for project management?

When you rely on memory, things slip through the cracks. Projects can end up chaotic or worse – late. But for small businesses, most project management software over complicates things. You end up spending too much time being a project manager and not enough time getting work done. Daylite is different. It’s a simple project management app designed for practical, everyday use. It organizes everything related to your projects in one place and it’s flexible. You can plan, track, and even create new processes for your projects as you go. With Daylite as your project management app, you and your team stay organized, save time, and work happier.

Less clutter. More focussing and finishing.

Managing a million things for each project you’re working on can be a nightmare. It seems impossible to keep track of all the emails, the appointments, the calls, and your towering list of tasks. Daylite helps you keep your cool by organizing everything involved in a project in one place with it’s special Linking feature. Linking allows you to tie all of your tasks, emails, notes, calls, appointments, and contacts to a project. This way you can see a full history of notes, emails, completed tasks, as well as upcoming tasks and meetings for any given project–all in one place.

Testimonial from Facu

“We came clean and uncluttered with Daylite. We have more time to spend on our projects instead of spending that time on systems that tried to helps us get organized.”

- Facu, Maniacs

Keep all your projects in sight.

It’s easy to lose site of one project while you have multiple projects that you’re working on at a time. Organizing them by deadline isn’t always easiest when you have tasks for each one that need to be done at the same time. Daylite helps you keep on top of all your projects by organizing them all in one view. You can see all the current projects you have on the go so you can easily prioritize the steps for each one and regularly check up on how each project is progressing.

Testimonial from the Adam

“We use Daylite in a biweekly status check meeting to go through each others' open [Projects] and add what is necessary to move it forward. This way we always make sure no files are slipping between the cracks. We have an active reminder system now with Daylite, rather than the standard paper files which just sit there.”

- Adam, Brittle & Brittle PC

See all the details. All in one place.

When your team is constantly working on new projects, staying up to speed on all the details can seem like a whirlwind of info to remember. With Daylite, all the details of a project are in one place so you can quickly be brought up to speed. See everyone involved, their role in the project, the scope, due date, as well as all the tasks and who’s responsible for them. Whatever question you have about a project, the answer can be found in Daylite.

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Testimonial from Mophonics

“Before Daylite, it took a lot of hand holding and individual contact to get a clear picture of how our projects were progressing and what resources were being utilized. With Daylite, we don’t have to ask those questions, all the information is there. We can open a project and instantly see all the client information, resources, and the progress.”

- Adam, Mophonics

Create your own pipelines for project tracking.

Everybody has different types of projects with different processes. Daylite let’s you create your own Project Pipelines so you can plan out what needs to be done and track the project as it progresses. And you’re not tied to using one Pipeline for all your projects. You can create as many Pipelines as you need to track all sorts of different projects. You can organize your tasks in each stage of the pipeline so you and everyone on your team knows what’s already been done and what still needs to be done to move forward to the next stage.

create pipelines
Testimonial from Eric

“My favourite feature in Daylite is the Project Pipelines–they’re essential! I like that they’re so easily customizable. Every designer has their own process. I’ve customized my Pipeline to include: 1. initial client meetings, 2. design phases, 3. implementation phases - and any number of steps that suit my workflow. This way I always know where I am on each project.”

- Eriq, Eriq Chang Studio

Be proactive with smart project software.

Nobody likes frantically trying to get last minute things done that were forgotten or fell off to the way-side. Daylite helps you avoid letting things slip through the cracks by putting in proactive processes. With Daylite’s Activity Set feature, you can create a series of tasks that are triggered in sequence so you’re always reminded of what needs to be done before it’s too late.

create pipelines

Learn how to create Activity Sets 

Testimonial from George at Create DM

“The thing is, notes get lost and piecs of paper don’t alert you when they’re overdue. As soon as we started using Daylite, we stopped missing things. We were less stressed about the wrong things and could focus on the right ones.”

- George, Create DM

Share project info as a team.

Keep everyone in the loop. With Daylite, all your team’s info is stored in one shared database. Everyone on your team can access it from their Mac, iPhone, or iPad. You can check each other’s calendars before scheduling a meeting, view emails about a project without needing to be CC’d, pull up a document that’s linked to a project, and check whether a teammate is finished a task you assigned them. Instead of interrupting someone while they’re working to ask a question, you can find everything you need in Daylite.

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Testimonial from Compliance Service Canada

“Daylite gives us a way of managing projects so we know where things stand, what is coming up, and what is on everyone’s to-do list. Sharing projects and tasks and information in Daylite is a big part of our workflow. Before Daylite, this meant passing around paper files and making a lot of effort to keep each other in the loop. Now that we have Daylite, it is so much easier and more efficient.”

- Dyana, Compliance Service of America

Delegate and share tasks as a team.

Whether you need to plan out the tasks for other team members or assign a task to someone on the fly, you can delegate tasks in Daylite so everyone knows what they’re responsible for. Assign a due date, fill in the details, and link it to the project so your teammate has everything they need to get it done. You save time and can even choose to get a notification when the task is completed.

Delegate and share tasks with your team
Testimonial from Matt at Extreme Broadband Engineering

“Daylite has given us the tools to delegate tasks, monitor project progress, and create customized timelines and goals for engineering. Instant reports show us where we stand, sometimes reminding us we need to go faster! Daylite has created an environment to effectively manage our engineering team and attain our goals.”

- Matt, Extreme Broadband Engineering

Flexibility that fits your business.

Everybody has their own processes and likes doing things their own way. Daylite is flexible and allows you to create, refine, and repeat your own processes for success. You can customize Daylite to build your own Pipelines to track projects, make your own Activity Sets to automate a series of tasks, and create your own Smart Lists to view what’s important to you.

Flexibility that fits your business.
Testimonial from Matt at Extreme Broadband Engineering

“I’m very much the kind of person that designs my own uses and I could see Daylite had a very straight forward way to work. I could create my own Smart Lists and custom Pipelines–that was a big plus. The framework gave me the resources I needed to set up everything for my team. We’re still perfecting it–we’re changing all the time. That’s another thing, I can change it.”

- Peter, Filmatography

Be more productive. Work happier.

With all your information linked to your projects in Daylite, you can find whatever details you need to get the work done. You don’t waste time rummaging through emails, scribbled notes, or asking other people the details of a task they assigned to you. Daylite clears out the clutter so you can be more relaxed at work instead of stressing about what to do next.

Testimonial from Richard Rigpa

“Daylite helps us to keep projects on track and alerts us as soon as something goes wrong. Everybody in our teams feels that they have a better overview of what they are working on. As a result, people are more at ease, more productive and can react to changes quicker. Everybody in our teams seems to be happier at work.”

- Robert, Rigpa

Manage projects without an Internet connection.

Unlike web based project management software that requires an Internet connection to use, Daylite let’s you work Internet-free. Daylight is a native app that stores your data right on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad so you can access all your info even when you don’t have access to the Internet. You can look up the details of a project, view your task list, and more your projects forward from literally anywhere.

Testimonial from Neil at Tyra Law Firm

“I have Daylite on my office Mac, my laptop, my iPad, and my iPhone so I have my entire practice with me wherever I go. I can operate virtually from any place with or without an internet connection. I have all the information I need available to me at my fingertips.”

- Neil, The Tyra Law Firm

Add-ons for advanced project management.

Take project management to the next level with add-ons that integrate Daylite with other project management software and tools. Work with gantt charts using the Merlin connection and keep track of your time and resources for each project using the Time&Budget plugin. Learn about more Daylite add-ons that can help you manage projects.

Learn more about great tools that integrate with Daylite 

Join the thousands of small businesses that manage projects and work happier with Daylite.

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