Mailchimp: Marketing& Chat

by iOSXpert

Nurture leads and stay top of mind with customers by sending professional email campaigns.

Send beautiful emails

Send Newsletters and Campaigns

Send beautiful newsletters to contacts in Daylite CRM using Mailchimp. Send targeted email campaigns by filtering your contact list in Daylite CRM by a variety of criteria, then sending the campaign through Mailchimp.

Mailchimp Analytics

Track opens and clicks of your email campaigns from Mailchimp right in Daylite CRM so you can follow up with people interested in your email campaigns.

Keep Contacts in Sync

Sync your Mailchimp subscribers with your Daylite CRM contacts. When a new subscriber is added to your Mailchimp list, it automatically creates a new contact in your Daylite CRM.

How Mailchimp can help your CRM game

Sending professional emails to nurture leads into clients and stay top of mind with existing clients is important to build strong relationships and win more business. Mailchimp makes it super easy to create professional and beautiful email campaigns to reach out to your leads and clients. Daylite CRM helps you segment your contact list for those email campaigns, as well as organize all your communication and project details for your contacts in one place. In Daylite you can see who’s engaged with your Mailchimp campaign so you can personally follow up with engaged leads.

The Daylite add-on, Marketing&Chat from iOSXpert, helps you send professional email campaigns and newsletters with Mailchimp directly through Daylite CRM. Keep your contacts in both Mailchimp and Daylite in sync so you always know who was included in your email campaigns. When you sync your Apple Contacts on your iPhone with Daylite, you’ll be able to send them beautiful emails with Mailchimp.

How Mailchimp and Daylite can help your business:

  • Newsletters: Send beautifully designed newsletters in Mailchimp to your contacts in Daylite to stay in touch with leads and clients.
  • Targeted Campaigns: Create custom list segments in Daylite then send them targeted email campaigns in Mailchimp to turn more leads into clients.
  • Personalize: Set Daylite fields as Mailchimp merge keys to pull info from Daylite into Mailchimp email templates for more personalized marketing campaigns.
  • Sync Contacts: New subscribers in Mailchimp will automatically be created in Daylite to keep your contacts up to date.
  • Reporting: View your Mailchimp campaign reports right in Daylite to know what marketing message resonates with leads and clients.
  • Analytics: Analyze open and click rates of your Mailchimp campaigns in Daylite to identify lists of customers you want to follow-up with that have engaged with your emails.

Integrates with:

  • Daylite
  • Mailchimp
  • Slack

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Getting Started:

To start integrating Daylite CRM and Mailchimp, visit iOSXpert’s website and start a free 30-day trial of Marketing&Chat.


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