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All pricing includes: Daylite for Mac, Mail Assistant for Apple Mail on Mac, Daylite for iPhone & iPad, sharing integration for Apple Contacts & Calendar, 2 GB storage per user.

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Why Small Businesses on Mac choose Daylite Over Salesforce

/user /month
billed annually
+ applicable taxes
$25 USD /user /month
billed annually
+ applicable taxes
Designed specifically for small business
Unlimited Users
Up to 5
(Contact Relationship Management)
Attach notes, files and estimates
Custom Roles & Relationships
Apple Mail Integration
Appointments & Reminders
Custom Sales Pipelines
Project Management
Custom Project Pipelines
Create & Assign Tasks
Extra $50 USD/month
Work Offline

Note: Data as of May 2018

"The biggest thing I love about Daylite is that it’s a native Mac app. If I have a bad Internet connection while I was out or working in a coffee shop, I couldn’t use Salesforce. I’d have to write my notes in Text Edit and then try to remember to copy them into Salesforce later. With Daylite, I can just add my notes and follow ups while I’m on the call. I don’t have to remember to do it later."

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 30 day trial period limited in any way?

There are no limits during the trial period. You can add as many contacts, projects, etc. as you like. You can use as many Macs, iPhones, iPads as you like and invite as many team members as you like.

Do you offer a free plan?

Yes. We have a free plan that you can use with an unlimited number of users, but there is a limit on the amount of items you can create in Daylite. View the limited free plan.

What happens when my trial ends?

After your trial ends your data will be saved in Daylite but you won’t be able to access it or sync your devices. You will be prompted to log in on your Account Manager and select a plan in order to continue using Daylite. You can choose a paid plan or the limited free plan.

Can I add or remove users at any time?

Yes. You can add and remove users at any time. If you add a user, you will be charged the pro-rated amount for the current billing cycle (yearly or monthly) immediately. Subsequent billing periods will include the additional user. If you remove a user, your account will be credited the pro-rated amount, which will then be applied to your next invoice.

What happens if I go over 2GB storage per user?

We’ve found that in most cases, 2 GB of storage per user is more than enough with the exception of Large File Attachments. However, if you do go over you can buy additional storage in 20 GB intervals per account (not per user). This can be done in your Account Manager.

Is there really no contract?

Correct. Your plan is renewed on a month to month or year to year basis, depending whether you choose the monthly or yearly plan. You can cancel at any time.

Do you offer discounts for education and non-profit?

Yes. We offer discounts for people in education and non-profit. You’ll need to get in touch with our team and provide some verification. Read this article for more info.

How secure is my data?

Your security is very important to us, which is why we’ve taken measures to ensure this. For the full details visit our Daylite Cloud Security page.

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