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Streamline project management with Daylite.
For teams on Mac, iPhone & iPad.

Because cc’d emails and sticky notes suck.

Having a hard time keeping everyone in the loop? Daylite helps your team keep all the details straight so you never drop the ball. See the full history of a project from emails, notes, and completed tasks to upcoming meetings and due dates – all in one place.

Track your project milestones.

Some project management apps are overly complicated. But Daylite keeps it simple with flexible tasks and custom pipelines to track your progress. Craft the perfect process that fits your business. Track your success together.

Share the workload. Stay updated.

Whether you’re in the office or on the go, you can delegate tasks to others in your company. Daylite will notify your team member when a task has been assigned to them. And when they check it off as completed, you’ll get a notification that it’s done.

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"Daylite gives us a way of managing projects so we know where things stand, what is coming up, and what is on everyone’s to-do list. Now that we have Daylite, it is so much easier and more efficient."

Make project management easier with Daylite.

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