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Share everything in one place

Share everything from customers and sales to projects and calendars so everyone can find what they need to keep business moving forward. From a customer’s email address, to checking if your sales rep is free on Thursday, to needing the specs on a project, everything can be found quickly in Daylite.

Share calendars

Know everyone's availability so you can easily schedule meetings and book resources.

Share decisions

Share details, documents, and decisions so your team can check off tasks and finish projects.

Streamline your processes

Stop things from slipping through the cracks. Daylite keeps your team on track so people follow the right steps in the right order. Daylite is flexible so you can customize and adjust your processes as you grow and change.

Consistent follow ups and next steps

Define your own workflows and steps so projects and sales are done the right way every time.

Procedures and protocols

Document procedures and protocols so people follow the right steps. Revise as you need.

Have more visibility on your business

Get an overview of what’s going on in your business without having to ask people. With Daylite you have visibility on sales and projects as well as what people are focused on. Whether you want to know if tasks you’ve assigned to people are done yet or you want to know what’s working to win business, it can all be found in Daylite.

See what your team is focused on

Choose a team and see what's on their plate without having to interrupt them.

Know what's working to drive new business

Identify where most of your deals are coming from so you can ramp up what's working.

See where leads are getting stuck

Pinpoint bottlenecks in your sales pipeline so you can focus on pushing those deals forward.

Know when tasks are done

Get updated when a task you've delegated to a team member has been checked off.

Onboard your team faster

Are you spending so much time teaching new hires your processes that you feel it would have just been faster to do it yourself? With Daylite, everything is organized and shared in one place — from your sales process to project procedures and more so your new hires can hit the ground running.

"With Daylite, I have finally found a solution that expands and grows with my constantly growing companies."

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