Daylite Cloud Security

Your security is important to us. Here’s an overview of the measures we’ve taken to protect your data.

Cloud Servers

Daylite Cloud uses top tier data centers protected by security staff, video surveillance, as well as biometric locks, and other electronic security measures. Your data is physically located in Canada and a full encryption of your data and backups is located outside of Canada with 3rd party services.

Translation: The facilities where our Daylite Cloud servers are stored have more security than just about any office we know.

Data Integrity

Your data is stored using ZFS with data check sums so we can be certain your data is not corrupt. Daylite Cloud uses synchronous replication within the same data center so that there are always multiple copies of the database in sync. An additional asynchronous replication of Daylite Cloud at a different data centre is used as well.

Translation: The technologies used to store your database and backups protect you from data corruption. We have copies of the cloud servers and even use separate data centers, keeping you safe even in the case of local emergencies.

Transmission Security

Communication between the Daylite app is secured by certificate pinning and the latest cryptographic standards using Transport Layer Security 1.2 with Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm keys and signatures, and modern ciphers, providing perfect forward secrecy.

Communication between Daylite Cloud and CardDAV/CalDAV clients is secured by the latest cryptographic standards using Transport Layer Security 1.2 with RSA signatures and modern ciphers, providing perfect forward secrecy.

Translation: Whenever you log in or sync, your data is always encrypted, keeping prying eyes from seeing your data as its travels over the Internet. The same is true with CardDAV and CalDAV sharing.

Security Updates

We actively monitor all security alerts and apply security updates aggressively, providing security patches to our various systems regularly.

Translation: We are constantly on the look out for new security threats and make sure they are not a risk to you.

Staff Access

With the exception of aggregate statistical data, we have a strict policy in place that limits the access to raw data to a handful of employees. The rest of our staff have absolutely no access to your data unless you specifically give permission, for a limited time, for support reasons.

Translation: We make sure your data is accessible to only authorized personnel.

Your Mac, iPhone & iPad

If an unauthorized person gains access to your devices, they will have full access to your information. We recommend that you use Apple's built in features, like FileVault, to encrypt the startup disk on your Mac, and pass-codes on iPhones and iPads, to ensure your local data is safe in the event that your device is lost or stolen.

Translation: By using Apple's security features, you can keep your data safe from anyone who might want to access it.