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by iOSXpert

Collaborate and keep everyone in the loop on projects, deals, and clients.

Communicate better

Better Communication

Keep people in the loop with conversations that can be easily followed and searched.

More Organization

Organize communication into specific channels in Slack for various topics, projects, and initiatives.

Collaborate & Share

Collaborate on projects and clients 24/7, share documents, and integrate with other tools.

How Slack can help your CRM game

Building relationships with people, closing deals, and providing top-notch customer service to clients is a team effort. Slack makes it easier to have discussions with your team whether you’re on opposite sides of the office or opposite sides of the world. Daylite helps you keep track of communication and follow-ups with clients and makes it easy to organize all the moving pieces and next steps in one place.

By integrating Slack and Daylite, you can collaborate to manage clients and projects together no matter where your teams are located. View your Slack conversations about clients and projects right in the project or client view in Daylite on your Mac.

How Slack and Daylite can help your business:

  • Alignment: Streamlined communication so everyone’s on the same page.
  • Improved client experience: Deliver a consistent client experience by having a 360 degree view of your clients in one place.
  • Efficiency: Streamline communication for projects to avoid wasted time.
  • Stay on the ball: Get push notifications in Daylite for mentions in Slack channels for your Mac & iPhone.

Integrates with:

  • Daylite
  • Slack
  • Mailchimp

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Getting Started:

To start integrating Daylite CRM and Slack, visit iOSXpert’s website and start a free 30-day trial of Marketing&Chat.

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