Shared Visions Inc.

Consulting Guelph, ON


Our company, Shared Visions, is a Canadian training and consulting group helping public and private organizations build their leadership capacity and achieve the results they deserve through unique, world-class training and consulting solutions

What do you use Daylite for?

Shared Visions is a training and consulting company specializing in leadership and organizational development. We use Daylite to manage our client relationships, lead pipeline, and to manage our public events.

What was it about Daylite that drew you in initially?

At the time, Daylite was the best CRM available for the Mac. Still is. It brings together sales management and operational workflow – something that very few CRMs can do for small businesses at an affordable price.

How has Daylite and/or Daylite Touch Improved your workflow?

Daylite has allowed us to have one place to go to see what has happened with a client. Based on this, we have been able to resolve client issues faster and with less impact on our own team. It has allowed also us to communicate more effectively with clients by allowing for list segmentation by groups and projects.

Which features do you find most useful to you and your business?

Right now, we mainly use the CRM functionality. The ability to share data within and outside the organization has been very useful in growing our business.

How has Daylite helped you to increase revenue in your business?

Daylite has helped us grow and manage our lead and sales pipeline. It's allowed us to communicate more effectively with clients. We can now manage our sales pipeline better and close more deals.

Any other comments?

I love Daylite! It's intuitive, user friendly, easy to implement, and very practical. The server technology has greatly improved the functionality and impact for our team. The only thing I would like to see is Daylite Web that would allow non-Mac team members to interact with it.**

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