Ron Woodbury Consulting

Consulting Riverside, California


After over 25 years in the financial services industry and volunteer roles on non-profit boards, I developed Ron Woodbury Consulting to offer a wide variety of strategic planning and deployment services tailored to meet the specific needs small and medium-sized, both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Services range from full planning and facilitation, to assistance with a single business unit, quality, or strategic technology project.

What do you use Daylite for?

Daylite is the primary client management and resource management system for my consulting business. Every activity, both internal and external – from contacts to complex projects, is managed through Daylite.

What was the most painful thing about your previous workflow that Daylite has helped to solve?

Before Daylite, I didn't have a fully integrated solution. Daylite allows me to house my internal processes and projects right along with my client database. And, since both are dependent on my time and resources – the integration is not only a benefit, but now something I can no longer live without.

With Daylite on your iPhone, you've literally had your business in your pocket. Now, with Daylite on your iPad, what have you been able to further achieve?

Daylite for the iPad provides me with the convenience of having my entire business at my fingertips – right along with my word processing, spreadsheet, and browsing software – anytime, anywhere. If I leave the office with my iPad, I don't feel like I'm leaving my office behind.

How has the iPad revolutionized the way you do business in general (not Daylite specific)?

With the iPad, I can access any aspect my business, do research, and communicate without the inconvenience of lugging around a laptop, searching for an iCafe, or working through the tiny screen on my iPhone. Plus, it takes up less space than a typical white-paper.

Describe how you use Daylite on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad. In what scenarios do you use each device, and how has the ability to take your business with you improved productivity?

In addition to managing every aspect of my business on the desktop, I have Apple Mail integrated with Daylite. I appreciate the seamless integration, which allows me to store client email messages in Daylite, and add new contacts with the click of the mouse. I also use the Desktop to run Daylite Server to support my iPhone and iPad.

The iPad is a critical extension of my desktop for both business and personal applications. I have recently transferred all of my calendars (Personal and Business) to Daylite, which allows me to manage both aspects of my life more conveniently on both the iPad and iPhone.

Primarily, I use the iPhone to access the calendar, contact, and task functionality of Daylite.

What is your favourite thing about having Daylite on your iPad?

The confidence and convenience of a fully integrated system at my fingertips. When I leave the office to meet with a client, I often feel like I'm forgetting something. But, it's all there – from a macro view of a project to the details of a prior meeting or correspondence. Having a full picture of the client relationship and the status of our current projects on my mobile device reinforces a sense of confidence and trust by my clients.

How has Daylite helped you grow your business?

My business is in the early stages of growth. Daylite has provided me with the confidence of managing my business operation, client activities, and prospects regardless of whether they are in the initial contact or mature (up-and-running) phase. As my business grows, I'm confident I am developing sound practices with the help of Daylite. Getting it right the first time will pay great dividends in the future – when I may not have the luxury (time) of converting to a new system.

Other comments:

I will just reiterate the delight of having a system that fully integrates my client and operational activities. So often I see people tracking their time and resources in a system that assumes there is no life outside the client. The brute reality is that business owners are responsible for a cornucopia of operational projects (campaign management, product development, funding, etc.), all of which are competing for limited time and resources. The real fun begins when I'm on the road and can maintain a pulse on my entire operation through Daylite.

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