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What do you use Daylite for?

We use Daylite to organize our web design business. We are 3 freelancers having a day job, and starting this new company in our spare time. We have no office yet, so we work from home. We live in the same city, but 20 miles away from each other. As we work after hours, we meet every 15 days, and we have calls twice a week, most of our communication is thru email and twitter. So we need a system that can help us organize instead of be the cause of our disorganization.

What was it about Daylite that drew you in initially?

We have tried a lot of "teamwork" software, and I mean it. A lot, I can give you like 100 links that we have checked into. and no one was so perfect as Daylite is for us. Well we have reasons...

Well, we have 3 Macs, 3 iPhones and 1 iPad. Some of this solutions had no mobile client, or some others had no offline mobile client and require full internet connection. Also, some other "solutions" didn't provide a Mac client because they are online solutions, same as mobile, if your connection is down, that means you can't work? So we came across Daylite, and we did a research, for almost a year. And finally, we decide to jump into Daylite train.

How has Daylite and/or Daylite Touch improved your workflow?

We are migrating all our Projects from previous software. We had a software for tasks (no sync still for this Thing) we had some other for notes that were simple and synced but no integrated to anything else, we had our gmail calendars synced with our macs, and iPhones, duplication contacts and appointments...

We throw all that "system" away, We came clean and uncluttered with Daylite, we have more time to spend in our projects instead of spending that time on systems, that tried to helps us getting organized.

Also Daylite on the iPhone/iPad has given the access and speed of entering data straight into Daylite and sync that information on the fly directly to my team's pockets.

I keep repeating myself the Tom Petty's song "Free Falling" as I work on Daylite.

Which features do you find most useful to you and your business?

Pipelines and Activity Sets, together with the mobile solution are awesome. But the most useful thing I think is Daylite itself, is conception of all integrated is awesome. Once you understand how it works, you look into your mirror and scratch your head wondering "Why didn't I start to use Daylite earlier?" You have lots of things being stored in Daylite, and you can link everything with everything.

How has Daylite helped you to increase revenue in your business?

Not sure yet since we are new at Daylite, but, I can tell you that it will be a great amount of free time, that translates into more business.

Any other comments?

Looking forward to see Daylite updated with 2 beautiful Billings Pro Features: Switchboard and Web.**

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