Jaijo Ltd.

Design Ascot, Berkshire, UK


Jaijo are a cool little design company in Ascot, who specialise in making stuff look good! We produce innovative, high quality, classy, funky, unique, classic, and cool designs for all types of media. We work with all kinds of businesses in various industries both large and small, from Estate Agents to Mixed Martial Artists right through to Witches and Television Stars.

What do you use Daylite for?

Managing our ever expanding client base, potential leads, project management and day to day tasks, along with our calendar. There are four of us here, so it's good that we all know what we're all doing and where we're all likely to be. Most importantly however is the management of tasks and projects. We are working on upwards of 30+ projects at anyone time, and theres only so much information you can fit onto a white board (and into our little brains)... so Daylite has made project management much more productive.

What was it about Daylite that drew you in initially?

The fact that it would allow me and my colleagues to interact effectively, and that it was made specifically for Mac users... it also looks a damn sight more pretty that other systems out there (something that is very important to us). The cost as well, for a product so in-depth you'd expect to be paying mega bucks, but not with this, very good value.

How has Daylite improved your workflow?

The ability to access all the information on a project, from the client's usernames and passwords for their FTP, Twitter, Wordpress, Emails etc, right through to the fact I get in and all the calls I've missed have been recorded throughout the day and attached to clients just makes it so easy to stay in the loop of things.

Which features do you find most useful to you and your business?

The project management side of things is great, and the fact that we can customise elements to fit in with our business and workflow makes Daylite a joy to use.

How has Daylite helped you to increase revenue in your business?

Less time rummaging around for information related to clients takes time... time is money... so the fact everything is at our fingertips means less time rummaging and more time making things look beautiful, which in turn means increasing revenue!

Any other comments?

If only Daylite could just make my coffee for me it would be perfect. Otherwise 99.9999%

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