Design Bratislava, Slovakia


We are a small creative studio ready for anything close to interactive & real-time graphics, 3D animations, 3D visualisations and 3D printing. Our work varies not only due to the diverse products in our portfolio but also to the increasingly demanding clients’ needs. And of course, our workflow varies with it. Thanks to Daylite, we have a system in all our projects.

What are you mainly responsible for at SKYFORM & what do you love about your job?

SKYFORM is a small studio which brings more overall responsibility to its people. I, for example, am responsible mostly for all the administration processes, marketing presentation, finance management, recruitment and a part of project management. However, from time to time I find myself finalizing the 3D printed objects. This diverse work in a creative environment, producing beautiful things, is exactly what I love about my job.

What were the main problems you were having that caused you to look for a CRM/Project Management solution?

We work on several projects at once, which includes hundreds of client & supplier contacts and thousands of email messages. We didn’t like to have shared contacts in one app, calendar in another one, notes in the third, project folders in the fourth (and in the email client). We felt the need to establish a uniform system and to put everything under one roof.

How did Daylite solve these problems?

We wanted to have everything interconnected – we wanted to click on the particular contact and see who the contact is, who he is related to, which projects he is linked to, who started the communication with him, and what communication has been led with him since. We wanted to have him synced among all of us and all our devices. The same with projects, tasks, etc. Thanks to Daylite, we have our dream system in all our projects!

We use Daylite as a main Customer Relationship and Project Management tool. Daylite is with us throughout the whole project, from the first email (within which we can create a new Project opportunity and a new Client in Daylite), through the communication, planning, setting tasks and goals until the final feedback. We use it as a smart contact list, project planner, marketing storage system, even a very simple finance overview system.

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