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Creative Vancouver, BC


Core Music Agency represents composers and recording artists for original score, songs and music licensing in film, television, interactive media, and advertising worldwide.

We believe that music has the intrinsic ability to inspire and connect with people on a universal and meaningful level. And because of this, we believe that choosing the right music is core to the success of every visual media production.

Reasons for choosing Daylite?

We started out using binders to track all of the original score opportunities across Canada. This wasn't the most environmentally-friendly option, nor was it the most effective for retrieving information quickly. We also somehow managed to have information for the same production (and correspondences pertaining to the same production) written in about three or four different places. Again, not effective or efficient. When Jani mentioned the prospect of Daylite and how it could help us out with managing our opportunities, projects, contacts, finances and industry communications, our ears perked up. He came in, enlightened us, assessed our needs and shortly thereafter, we began the transition into using Daylite.

Essentially, we chose Daylite because we're strong proponents (and users) of the Mac operating system and Apple computers, so we wanted a Mac-based program. After Jani's impressive presentation of Daylite, we found that it met our needs, and then some! We were sold, and we haven't looked back.

Favorite Daylite Features?

I love the ability to take things on-the-go and read/write/retrieve any information that I may need from anywhere. I love the "link" feature - it's one of the greatest ways to connect related people, opportunities, projects, appointments, notes, and tasks... everything and anything you've entered into Daylite can be seamlessly linked by one simple feature, and it also lets you explain the relationship between linked items.

Really, every feature is exceptional and, most importantly, useful! We've been using Daylite for just over a year now and I still feel like there's so much more we could be doing with it.

I like how you can make certain appointments "private" or "public" - I used to use Apple Calendar for all of my personal appointments, events, bill notifications, etc, and now I input everything into Daylite and if I want to keep it to myself, I just set it to private. This way, I'm able to use Daylite for both my work and personal life. And with Daylite Touch, I can take it all with me on my iPhone when I leave the computer. Again, it's awesome.

How has Daylite and/or Daylite Touch improved your workflow?

Daylite has enabled us to track more than four times the productions that we used to with our old system. It has enabled us to stay better connected with each other and stay on top of more productions at any one time. We started out with a staff of two Agents. In the last year, we expanded to a team of four Agents with one Digital Content Manager inputting data for us. And over the next year or two, we have intentions of adding Agents in major cities all over the world to represent our growing roster of composers. A roster, which has also been able to expand as a result of Daylite and its capacity for tracking a limitless number of productions. We have a tremendous belief in the positive results and management of our growth thanks to the capabilities of Daylite and the positive experience we've had with it to date.

We recently returned from the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF 2010). While we were in Toronto, Ari and I managed to stay connected to our entire Daylite database through Daylite Touch - the ability to retrieve info within seconds and add new appointments, events, and access production information via Daylite Touch was invaluable to us as we basically event-hopped for ten days around the bustling streets of Toronto.

How has Daylite helped you to increase revenue in your business?

We've been able to track more productions, find out what each Agent in our company is up to, add each other to events and appointments, link projects with contacts and email correspondence, and store key contact information in ONE PLACE that's accessible from anywhere - this is huge. We can also print reports at any time and let our talent know what we're pitching them for, and what gigs we've secured for them in the calendar year, and how much we've made for them. Also how much their services have made for the company in Agency commission. Basically, our workflow has been much more efficient as a result of how organized Daylite has enabled us to be. We've connected with more key industry executives, demonstrated our know-how by having consistent information across the database for each user, secured more gigs for our talent, developed a music publishing division to the company to handle a supplementary revenue stream, and are now in a position to hire more Agents who will work to secure more work for our talent, and in turn generate more revenue for our passionate, ambitious, and growing company. I mean, there's really no limit to our expansion at this point, it's pretty exciting. Above all, Daylite free's up time that we would have spent with administration so we can go out there and personally connect with our talent and the industry... and hopefully bring more and more great music to the ears (and senses) of the public.**

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