Apexx Global

Event Marketing Toronto, Ontario


Apexx Global is a creative marketing agency that builds world-class corporate experiences for their clients that include loyalty & incentive programs, event management and lifestyle experiences. Apexx Global has exclusive access to prestigious events around the world including the Superbowl, Masters Tournament, The Grammy Awards, and More! They take pride in doing everything in-house from their graphic design work to their event directors.

What do you love most about being Creative Director for Apexx Global?

I love being able to work towards a final project that will completely WOW our clients. I enjoy putting together experiences for people because it’s creative. For each client, we come up with a unique type of event experience for them that’s specialized individually. It’s not just a destination experience, but also an experience to cross of their bucket list. An example would be taking an eco-tour in Rio and then attending the finals match of the World Cup. Whether it’s for a law firm or the top sales people of a car dealership as an incentive program, we give these people an unforgettable experience.

What challenges did you face before Daylite?

Our main challenge was being able to collaborate with each other both in the office and out. We all do different things within the company but we’re all working on one specific event at a time that we need to collaborate on. We’re working together on one critical path for each program and we needed a system to keep everyone in the loop each step of the way.

How has Daylite improved your workflow?

Daylite does exactly what we were looking for. It allows us to know where we stand in our project pipeline and what still needs to be done. We can ‘work together’ virtually. Daylite lets us all know how many proposals have been sent out, who’s bought into an upcoming experience or event and see what meetings are coming up. I can create tasks for myself and know when tasks for the sales people are done. This allows us to plan together because we’re aware of what to expect. We use Daylite Mail Assistant to keep in touch with clients and know where we left off with them. This saves time for me because rather than having to ask a salesperson a question about a client, I can search through DMA and know right away. Daylite has greatly improved our workflow. When we meet with a new client and discuss what type of experience they’re looking for, we set up an opportunity in Daylite and track the stages of building a proposal, coming up with an estimate, etc. We’re able to use that estimate to forecast revenue which makes it easier to prioritize projects from a financial standpoint. It’s great to see all of our opportunities with a price tag on them and to see reports.

What Daylite features make your life easier?

The tasks in Daylite are extremely useful. I have a million things to do each day so every morning I add tasks to my worklist that I need to complete today, and add tasks on the fly for what I can work on the following day. This helps me to manage time because I can visually see a list of everything I need to do and I can see when it’s been completed. The forms are also key. Our sister company Apexx Travel handles the travel side of the business. We add fields to our forms so we can easily send our travel agent the client’s passport number, date of departure, details, special requests, food allergies, airline of choice, etc. It’s an easy way to collect and store all the information for the flights. Projects are important for keeping on top of an event that has been given the go ahead. Once a proposal is signed and the event is confirmed, we create a project from that opportunity. From there, we assign a pipeline to see tasks associated with each event. We usually have about an 8 month window from the time the project is confirmed to the day it happens. Projects give our team the ability to stay on top of the logistics and see the progress within the time frame that we need. The calendar in Daylite is another thing that helps make my life easier. With Daylite’s shared calendar I can see when everyone is in a meeting or when they have a meeting coming up with a client that I need to have something finished for them by. Daylite makes it easy to schedule meetings so I know where I’m supposed to be and when.

How does Daylite on iOS change how you work?

Daylite on iOS gives us the ability to be mobile at our events while still staying in the loop. Now I’m able to check my calendar and see my tasks for the day from my phone when I’m not in the office. I can also easily get a client’s contact information when I’m not at my desk. When I’m at an event taking a group with me touring, I’m still able to work on another sale and keep n touch with everything going on at the office.

What other experience do you have with Marketcircle apps?

I also do freelance graphic design work and I use Billings Pro to invoice all my freelance clients. Billings Pro makes it easy to click on a client and see all my invoices and receipts at once. It also shows the retainer balance so everything is there on one screen, I don’t have to spend time searching through the app to find what I need. Billings Pro is an easy way to keep track of who has paid and who hasn’t. I also love that the invoices in Billings Pro look professional. As a graphic designer, the aesthetic appearance of an invoice is important in order to make a good impression with clients. The reports feature is also great for account summary so I can see where everything stands.

Any additional comments?

Working with MC support has been great! They always solve my issue quickly and easy so I can get back to doing my work. The intuitiveness of the apps is amazing as well and the videos on the Marketcircle website were really helpful . I found it easy to understand how each Daylite feature applies to my job and how I can use it to work for me.

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