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Financial Services Montreal, QC


Felix Godbout is the Strategy Execution Advisor and Managing Partner of MotionTactical in Montreal, Quebec where he offers turnkey solutions for small businesses, corporations, and governments. Felix’s team assess the financial process of an organization and offers advice on all aspects of the business including strategy, structural, financial, taxes, and legal.

What do you love about consulting?

I love the contact with the clients in my line of work. I really like working with them and continually learning. We are always learning more about what we can do for them and that’s what I love most about my job.

What are your biggest challenges as a financial consultant?

Honestly, I would say the biggest challenge of all is the technological challenge. An important part of being a financial consultant is travelling all over to visit clients and the biggest thing we’ve had to work on was finding an all-in-one solution. We needed a solution that could manage our clients, projects, opportunities- everything!

How has Daylite changed your workflow?

Since using Daylite, our workflow has gotten much simpler. We work in the financial industry so everything has laws attached to it. Let’s say we’re managing an estate. I need to provide many documents and have signatures for everything, so the workflow automation within Daylite is really helpful. There’s plenty of things we don’t have to keep in mind on a separate sheet now because of the automation process within Daylite. This has made our workflow much simpler. Everything is automated and everyone can now work at the same pace.

How has your workflow changed by having Daylite on your iPhone and iPad?

The number one thing I like about having Daylite on my iOS device is the ability to capture data wherever I am. When I am in a meeting with a client I can right away capture the contact’s phone number and create an opportunity. I don’t have to wait until I get back to the office or enter it again in the computer. Being able to capture everything at once saves time. This ensures I have all the correct information because I can take notes and add comments in Daylite during the conversation with the client without having to open my laptop. It’s much simpler. I can check where I am with each project and see if the client has been billed. We also use Billings Pro and the connection between these two is really great.

How has Daylite changed your business?

With Daylite, you get a bigger and clearer picture of where you are with each client. It’s not about getting information in here and some information in there. It’s simple because everything is in the same place. I can cross-match information, search, create lists, etc. Daylite gives me more control over my business and more control of my clients. I would definitely recommend Daylite to others because I did extensive research on other solutions and no other software could give us all the information and control that Daylite does. It’s everything in the same place and I can access it anywhere.

What do you like about Billings Pro?

I like that Billings Pro is really simple and professional. We aren’t designers. We don’t design our own logo so it’s really simple and easy to already have templates made in Billings Pro. We can easily change and send out an invoice to a customer directly. We aren’t in the business of designing statements and invoices. Another thing I like about Billings Pro is that I can keep track of the process. I can see who’s paid, who hasn’t, and our accountant can keep track of all our data as well because we’ve given him access. What helps the most is the fluent communication between Daylite and Billings Pro. It doesn’t feel like two different pieces of software. It feels the same at the end. Everything is easy to keep track of and easy to back up. We aren’t tech guys so “easy” works for us.

How has your experience been with Marketcircle support?

Working in the financial industry, I’ve learned that the number one priority is customer service. If I had to give Marketcircle support a rating from 1-10, I would give them 150! I contacted Marketcircle support about an issue and I got a fast response that proved the support team was knowledgable and cared about resolving the issue, even though it wasn’t related to a Marketcircle specific solution. Nas understood my problem, gave me a solution, and showed me exactly where to find it.

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