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Legal Denver, CO


Godfrey Johnson PC is a firm with their primary headquarters in Denver, Colorado. Partner Brett Godfrey believes in harnessing the power of technology in order to better serve Godfrey Johnson’s clients. They not only use Daylite and other software, but also lecture nationally in the use of advanced technology in litigation.

Could you briefly describe your business?

We are a civil litigation firm. We specialize in complex and scientifically specific litigation. Our fields of practice include medical malpractice, intellectual property, aerospace litigation, etc.

Who are your typical clients?

We work for corporations that have high stakes, complex litigation and we specialize in trial work.

What do you do better than anybody else?

We have a number of high profile clients and our business is based on a proven track record. The scientific and business issues we handle are so complex that most lawyers can’t grapple all the details. Everything we do is in an adversarial setting and we are very good at that. Our ability to handle large cases is based on a tactical process that is 30 years in the making.

Why have you chosen Daylite to help your firm?

We’re devoted to David Allen’s “Get Things Done” methodology. After comparing Daylite to other platforms, we decided to go with Daylite because it is the closest Mac CRM for law that is GTD based. We use mind mapping software so that we can put our plans and ideas for case handling into a structural context to link ideas and carry their development forward with a number of tasks.

Besides Daylite, what apps and software do you use regularly?

We use the entire Adobe suite, Microsoft Office, Osirix, Apple iWork, Time Manager, iThoughts HD, TrialPad, Dragon, Bria and Phone Connector

What are some of your favourite time savers in Daylite?

We use the hot keys extensively. The search functions and smart lists are also powerful tools. I also like that we can customize our keywords and roles. I’d say the best single feature is that Daylite is designed to service a GTD based work flow. Daylite Mail Assistant serves the concept of Inbox Zero. With Daylite and DMI we can employ the methodologies of Inbox Zero and GTD as part of a single centralized workflow methodology.

Could you briefly describe the seminars that you give in relation to the importance of the iPad in the workplace?

The whole point of technology is to put information in your hands when you need it, wherever you are, and in a user-friendly format. Daylite on the iPad does that for our case management activities.

What is the next stage in your company’s growth?

We expect to be opening other offices over time, and we plan to use our cutting-edge technology (including Daylite) to extend the reach of our physical office on an elastic worldwide basis, so that we can manage other offices from our headquarters and continue to improve the way we handle large-stakes national and international litigation.

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