Extreme Broadband Engineering

Manufacturing Millstine Township, NJ


Extreme Broadband Engineering is a primary manufacturer for the Cable TV industry specializing in subscriber premises installation hardware. As engineers and designers, Extreme creates new products from the ground up bringing countless advances and innovations to the industry. Already in millions of homes and business’ across the US, Extreme continues to grow with the help of the best productivity tool: Daylite.

Daylite at Extreme Broadband Engineering

Our first introduction to Daylite was in 2005 after throwing out every PC in our office and building a completely Mac based company. We needed a way to manage our multi-faceted company from engineering and product design to an internal and external sales team.

Today, we operate on a unified database from our home server in our office and continually "rethink" how we can utilize the tools Daylite provides. Daylite on every Mac and Daylite Touch on every iPhone ensures seamless communication from every aspect of our business. We have learned to use Daylite in multiple ways to accommodate the needs for our various objectives.

Daylite in Engineering

At our core, we are product engineers and designers for the Cable TV industry. Utilizing Projects and Tasks has provided a seamless way to track our new engineering endeavors. With so many projects on the docket, it has been meeting notes and emails managing each new product. Daylite has given us the tools to delegate tasks, monitor project progress, and create customized timelines and goals for engineering. Instant reports show us where we stand, sometimes reminding us we need to go faster! Daylite has created an environment to effectively manage our engineering team and attain our goals.

Daylite in Manufacturing

Now we that we can design products in a simple and concise work flow, we have to manage production. Utilizing the same tools Daylite has provided for our engineering endeavors, we can easily track and forecast production. This has been closely tied together with our sales management. Sales team feedback and customer feedback is gathered and analyzed to help forecast production and manufacturing.

Daylite in Sales

Utilizing Daylite to manage a sales team, leads, customer service, and countless other tasks has given us the ability to remotely manage our team across the country. A whole new world is opened when you use Daylite in a sales environment. Weakly "Call Reports" are sorted and organized into our customer database and smart lists give us a weekly breakdown of important leads and tasks. Now with Daylite Touch, we can get instant feedback from the field immediately after a meeting. Scheduling meetings with our own team is as easy as creating it in Daylite and sending out invitations. As our team grows, so does the need to effectively manage our new opportunities.

Thoughts on Daylite

Making the commitment to fully utilize Daylite has been one of the key business decisions we have made in the past 10 years. Part of our success can be directly related to the Daylite support team and affiliates. We were able to get our entire team trained on Daylite in our home office by an expert willing to answer any questions and help set us up for success. Daylite as officially reached tenure at Extreme Broadband Engineering and we couldn't be happier!

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