Liquid Smile

Manufacturing California


We manufacture and distribute a professional take-home teeth whitening product, which we distribute to dental and medical professionals. We do all of our own marketing and work with independent graphic and web site designers all over the world.

What do you use Daylite for?

We use Daylite primarily for project management, task management and maintaining a calendar of trade shows. All aspects of our use are integral to maintaining a steady work flow and managing the numerous marketing tasks and product development programs. We also attend approximately 40 exhibitions/trade shows every year. It is imperative that we are able to easily look ahead to see where staff will be, availability, and to earmark conflicts as early as possible.

What was it about Daylite that drew you in initially?

We are constantly searching for programs that will help us improve our operations in a variety of areas. Daylite seemed to capture numerous aspects of our business in one program.

How has Daylite and/or Daylite Touch improved your workflow?

We can easily see at a glance what is urgent, what isn't, where conflicts arise. No matter where we are. And we are often out of the office. It is easy to forget about something when you are multi-tasking. Daylite helps us to not forget!

Which features do you find most useful to you and your business?

Projects and Calendars. Although we are still fairly new to Daylite, we look forward to incorporating contact management and making better use of GROUPS.

How has Daylite helped you to increase revenue in your business?

It has helped us track our marketing efforts with distributors and direct customers, which results in more pro-active marketing and sales efforts.

Any other comments?

As a small and rapidly growing company, it is vitally important to keep track of all aspects of the business, and to keep appropriate staff members in the loop for specific assignments and programs. Daylite almost functions as an office manager for us.

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