Competitive Analytics

Marketing Costa Mesa, CA


Competitive Analytics collaborates with its clients to analyze their internal data while correlating the results with external data to provide insightful demand forecasts, optimized pricing, and business intelligence solutions that companies can use to make informed decisions for future success.

Who are your typical clients?

Our clients span from Fortune 100 companies to SMBs, to anything and everything in between. We have worked with a cross-section of industries, including companies such as Boeing, Standard Pacific Homes, Bank of America, NES Rentals, First American, City of Anaheim, City of Riverside, and City of Santa Ana, just to name a few.

When did you notice a need for Daylite in your business?

We knew we needed Daylite when it came to organizing contacts. We looked at over 50 CRMs. We tried SalesForce, Podio, and Teambox to name a few but none of them felt right. We had tried Daylite twice before, once a few years ago, and tried it again about a year ago. James Spencer helped us out a lot during this time. We tried Daylite again in January of last year and noticed that Marketicircle did an amazing job fixing the bugs that caused us problems before.

We tried it and absolutely love it! We’re also using Daylite in conjunction with analytics. We download data in a CSV file and uploaded it to our analytical dashboard to better understand our sales pipeline. Thus, we analyze our CRM data the way we analyze our clients’ data! We can download and create 3D scatter plots and look at our lead generations and leads in a comprehensive deep analytical way.

How does Daylite help with your workflow?

With Daylite we can add all our clients and lead communication and store it through Daylite Mail Assistant. We’re also using Daylite for task management. The previous task management system I was using was hodgepodge of OmniFocus, Excel, and Google Docs and it wasn’t doing nearly the amount of heavy lifting that Daylite does. With Daylite I can link a task to a project, an opportunity, and the contact. Another thing I love is the fact that you’re not beholden to the Web or Wifi speeds because it’s a native app. In addition, it’s completely customizable.

What are some of your favourite features?

It’s tremendous that you can link everything so all your data is connected. One thing that saves me and our team a lot of time is that we can click on a contact’s phone number and it will take me right to Skype. I really love the contextual menu and I like the fact that there are categories and keywords. We use a BANT Qualifying system to rate each person. B for budget, A for authority, etc. so we can evaluate our leads. This system works really well with the categories and keywords in Daylite. I can easily filter, rank, and sort through over 10,000 contacts and know who I want to talk to. Another feature that’s helpful is the opportunity feature where I can view my opportunities in a list view with multiple sorts. I can combine the probability of a lead with the revenue to come up with expected value and I can filter, rank, and sort by any criteria I wish, which is really great.

Would you recommend Daylite to others in your industry?

I already have. You can get your contacts and your leads in quickly and it doesn’t crash anymore.

How has your experience been with support?

The support team is always very quick to respond which is really nice because it allows us to focus on getting our work done, rather than spending time worrying about troubleshooting our CRM.

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