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Designate is an international strategic marketing company. Weʼre based in Edinburgh, but we work all over the world. We believe that successful marketing is achieved by bringing together innovative ideas with precise execution. We specialize in developing and implementing marketing strategies. In our work weʼve created innovative brands, developed international advertising campaigns, helped launch new products to the market and pushed our clients into the spotlight.

What do you use Daylite for?

I now use Daylite to run the business. I keep track of our sales pipeline, our projects, communication and staff time. I'm able to quickly see what has been done and what is still outstanding, which means I can get on with my work without worrying about whether things are getting done.

What was the most painful thing about your previous workflow that Daylite has helped to solve?

Different people are responsible for different activities, and without a centralized place where I can see who is doing what and if they have done it, it's pretty easy to lose track of some things. With Daylite, I'm able to track everything. I know what's happening with every member of staff and I am able to see if things are in danger of running over time.

With Daylite on your iPhone, you've literally had your business in your pocket. Now, with Daylite on your iPad, what have you been able to further achieve?

Daylite on the phone was great. Daylite on the iPad is absolutely superb. I travel a lot for my business and the iPad is now my only mobile business tool. I use it for everything. I was waiting for the Daylite iPad app and it hasn't disappointed.

It's a lot easier to keep track of activities and projects on the iPad. It feels more like you have your desktop application with you. I can delegate activities while on the train and it syncs to the office over my 3G network. I know don't have think about being away from the office - I know I can be linked with everything that my staff are doing.

How has the iPad revolutionized the way you do business in general (not Daylite specific)?

The iPad has been the single best business tool I have purchased. I travel a lot across Scotland, and I rarely brought my Macbook Pro with me as it was far too heavy to lug around on a daily basis. The iPad never leaves my side. I can connect to my Mobile Me server anywhere in the world, control all my documents and share ideas with ease.

It's even better when you start to use some of the enhanced business tools. I now use Penultimate (with a Pogo Sketch Pen) in every meeting and I can quickly save my meeting notes to the server. It's the most creative business tool I have. It lets me work naturally.

Describe how you use Daylite on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad. In what scenarios do you use each device, and how has the ability to take your business with you improved productivity?

When I am in the office, my Daylite is up and running and I use it to track tasks, manage projects, manage sales pipelines and manage the company calendars. It seamlessly synchs between each staff computer which means that we don't have to check with each other over minor details. If someone has something for me to do, they assign it to me. As soon as someone is finished something I have assigned to them, I am immediately notified.

That carries over into my mobile life. With the iPhone and iPad versions, I can take that same functionality with me. No matter where I am I am connected to every project, opportunity and task that the company has, so I never really need to worry if something is being taken care of.

What is your favourite thing about having Daylite on your iPad?

Delegating tasks. I take a perverse pleasure in it. I really do. I love the fact that, if I'm in a meeting in Glasgow I can delegate a follow-up task to the Edinburgh office and it immediately goes into their to-do list. It's sometimes done by the time I'm done my meeting.

How has Daylite helped you grow your business?

I spent a lot of time looking for a tool that would help me manage my growing business more effectively. My key criteria were:

  1. It had to fit within the MACOS environment. I didn't want a web solution. I wanted something that would integrate into my computer systems.
  2. It had to be intuitive for people who aren't project managers. I'm not a GANNT chart man. I don't operate on spreadsheets. I wanted something I could feel comfortable with.
  3. It had to help me keep track of three key components: Communication, Sales Pipeline and Projects.

Daylite has been fantastic. It helps me keep track of everything that needs to get done and also provides me with a sales pipeline that I can constantly monitor.

Any other comments?

Keep up the good work. There are some excellent features that we are all looking at and I look forward to seeing them soon!

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