Partnership Marketing

Marketing Ada, MI


Partnership Marketing is a promotional marketing agency focused on grouping like-minded companies and product. We identify the right partners for your products, and put together mutually-beneficial promotions that meet your goals.

What’s your history in the industry?

I started Partnership Marketing 20 years ago. Before that, I was in sales with Kimberly-Clark in paper grocery sales. I then sold for Hasbro Toys, and later moved to the corporate office where I went into Marketing. I worked in the Promotions department, where I married Hasbro, which included Playskool and Milton Bradley, with partners like Kellogg’s or other consumer products for tie-in promotions. I then took all of them and combined my experiences to start up my own company Partnership Marketing Inc.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The independence. I like working for myself and defining my own hours. It can be long but I dictate it myself.

How does Daylite help your workflow?

Daylite is instrumental in keeping track of all my contacts, follow up calls, recording emails (which is a really nice feature), and it speeds up my daily task flow.

How did you find out about Daylite?

I have been using Daylite for about 3 years now. I was using NOW and when they went out of business I scrambled to find another CRM. Daylite was the most recommended from sources like MacUser and Apples sites.

What are some of your favourite Daylite features?

I probably don’t use all the features to their full capacity but they’re very helpful. Contacts, the calendar and Daylite Mail Assistant are what I use most regularly. I also use projects a lot. When I’m working with multiple partners for a project, I can easily keep track of everyone involved by referring back to the project often. Initially, I have to make calls to companies. Based on what happens on the call I create a follow up task so I don’t forget. For example, I’ll create a task to “Call Joe from Company X in a week.” Whatever my next move is, I record it as a task or make an appointment in my calendar so I always have reminders. Without the reminders in Daylite I’d be lost! There’s no way to keep track of all the tasks I have to do without it.

How has your experience been with our support team?

They’re excellent. They get back to me right away, and are very attentive. The forums are really helpful as well. If I ever have a question I can type it in the forums and 95% of my questions are answered right there. It’s not always the easiest to get to a tech person for Daylite but the forums are very helpful when I’m not able to get in touch with support. I’ve also played around with the tutorial videos and learn something new every time I watch them. They’re great.

Would you recommend Daylite to others in your industry?

I’d definitely recommend Daylite to anyone in a small business who wants to keep track of their day. It’s a great tool, and I’d recommend it to anybody. My job involves a lot of contacts and a lot of different projects. Daylite is a great way to organize everything- my whole day! The ability to take it on the fly with the iPhone is fantastic! I have my whole contact database and tasks in my pocket! It’s excellent! If I need to check what I have to do, where I have to be, or figure out who a person is within a company, I can find it instantly. Or if I’m out of my office and have any questions I can go right to my phone for the answer.

Any additional comments?

I hope you guys keep going. I want to tell everybody about you! My experience in the past was starting with ACT as my database and then moving to NOW and finally Daylite. Daylite is by far my favourite CRM so I want you guys here for a long time! You’re constantly making your product better and that keeps me happy.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I like all sorts of outdoor activities, and spending time with my family.

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