Marketing Brooklyn, NY


We represent content creators for all media, facilitating opportunities for directors & production companies; animation, design, motion graphics & visual effects houses; digital, web/interactive, app development & mobile media companies; series television, branded content, corporate & long-form specialists and pre & post-production resources including editorial, music & sound design, test spots/animatics, photographers and much more.

Could you briefly describe your business (industry, nature, ect.)?

We represent a big group of content creators: Directors and Production Companies, Animation Companies, etc. We’re in the new business business, functioning somewhat as an agent.

What workflow or other business problems has Daylite helped you solve?

People move around like crazy in the business. Without being able to keep track of them with Daylite, it would be impossible to effectively do our job. Also, opportunities come up fast and furious. With Daylite, I can properly organize an opportunity – including the team – and easily attach all the relevant files, including, for example, storyboards, budgets, our treatments.

Who are your typical customers?

Our typical customers are Ad Agencies

Besides Daylite, what apps, software or tools can’t you live without?

The top 2 would be Evernote and LinkedIn.

What’s your favourite time saver in Daylite?

In Daylite 4, I love that hotkey to get right into search. I also love the 3rd party app WebConnector. So when I’m looking at a contact I can easily go to their LinkedIn page, Facebook page, or Google him or her.

What’s your favorite thing about having mobile software, like Daylite Touch, on your iPhone and iPad?

That’s like asking what’s my favorite thing about having my brain with me, wherever I am!

What do you do better than anybody else?

Thanks to Daylite, I’ve got everyone’s number. Literally.

What’s the next stage in your company’s growth?

The next stage is to do more business with an ever expanding customer base, including doing wore more directly with clients, (i.e. the advertisers themselves).

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