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Entrepreneur and author, Patrick van Rosendaal, founded Be NY, a company that specializes in guided tours for Belgians visiting New York and as he puts it, “in the business of making people happy.”

Patrick has written three books about New York tourism. Patrick’s books have been recognized by the New York Times and have even received a Red Dot Design Award.

The key to building a strong reputation

Coming from the corporate world, Patrick knew from the very start of his business that having a solid Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool was key to building a strong reputation and brand. Patrick has a small team and knew from day one that it was important to have all their communication with clients in one place so they’re always on top of their relationships and can provide amazing customer service.

Patrick has been using Daylite as his CRM for years to keep track of who he’s contacted, when he needs to contact someone next, and what it’s about. It’s important for him to be able to see all the communication his team members have had with clients so he knows what’s going on and can react faster.

“Daylite gives me more time to spend with customers by reducing the admin part of the business so there’s less to worry about.” – Patrick van Rosendaal

Making more use of time on the go

With the nature of Patrick’s business, he’s only in the office about 10% of the time and he likes to travel light so he brings his iPad Pro around everywhere. Since we released Daylite Mail for iPhone & iPad, Patrick has been using it to make more use of his time on the go.

“Being able to be mobile and work from anywhere is major. For me that’s the biggest benefit.” – Patrick van Rosendaal

Now while waiting for the subway or while in a coffee shop he can process his emails in Daylite while capturing important action items and follow-ups with leads and clients.

“Right now I can go to my email, and from the email make a task in Daylite to remind me to follow up or do something urgent and link it to the project.” – Patrick van Rosendaal

Patrick’s goal by the end of the month is to start each day at Inbox Zero and is confident Daylite Mail for iPhone & iPad is helping him achieve that goal.

Driving more repeat business and referrals

On top of providing great customer service, Be NY is able to drive more repeat business and referrals through an automated workflow that was customized with the help of Daylite Expert, iOSXpert.

During Be NY’s tour, they collect clients’ email addresses so they can send them photos of the tour. With customizations from iOSXpert, Patrick now has an automated workflow to capture client email addresses and send them photos from the tour, while also adding them to their mailing list so they can stay in touch with them to drive more repeat business and referrals.

“Customers are happy because they receive beautiful pictures as a souvenir and we’re happy because we’re able to maintain that relationship with them by having their email address to stay in touch with them.” – Patrick van Rosendaal

To learn more about Be NY, you can visit their website here and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. You can find Patrick’s books all over New York, Belgium, and Netherlands – as well as on Amazon.

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