Christian Oth Studio

Photography New York City, NY


Based in New York City, Christian Oth Studio elevates wedding photography to the height of fine art and fashion. The studio's rich, editorial style combines a natural, photojournalistic approach with an artistic attention to detail, lighting, and composition. From Manhattan to Montauk, Paris to Istanbul, Christian's eye for capturing a celebration at its best continues to set the industry standard.

How does Daylite help with your workflow?

I’ve been using Daylite for over 10 years now. I’ve gone through all the significant updates. There have been some hiccups along the way but we’ve arrived at a very good place with Daylite. It keeps our studio organized. We track all the weddings we have and the album workflow that follows. We start in a sales process and go all the way to managing projects, managing calendars and using the project and sales pipelines. We use Daylite religiously for our sales process. We have a system of setting the probability percentage and it really works for us. What we really love is having everything linked. I can see who shot what wedding, what venue it was at, new clients that come in, the florists, referrals, who the client is…everything! We can even keep track of the wedding planner so we have all the pieces collected in one place. It’s a good system for us. We can generate contracts out of Daylite from our estimates and it pulls all the data linked to everyone involved. The calendar is our favorite feature to keep track of where everyone needs to be and when.

Do you use Daylite on iOS?

Yes. I love having my calendar and contacts on me. Daylite on iOS means I can have everything on me all the time. It has everything on it but I mainly use it for my calendar.

Would you recommend Daylite to others?

Yes and I have. Over the years I have gotten frustrated with older versions, but I really like the continued commitment to improve the software. I can see the effort spent on it. Daylite has gotten to a very good place now. I recommend Daylite as a solid Mac solution. I’ve done a lot of research for other solutions and haven’t found anything else that is as all encompassing as Daylite.

Any additional comments?

I am very happy with Daylite. It’s nice to be able to run your whole business on it and have it be reliable. What I use a lot is WebConnector from iOSXpert. Everyone here in the studio likes it because we always look up contacts. Initially we would scan into the Daylite database. What we do now is scan in, host on Google Docs and with WebConnector, immediately pull up a contact. It works like a charm! As long as I have internet I can see my contacts, it’s a huge improvement!

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