Perspektiv Studios

Photography Destin, FL


Our mission is to constantly bring a fresh perspective to your wedding and portrait photography needs. Our primary concern is to make your experience with PERSPEKTIV the easiest and most comfortable that you can have with a photo studio, while delivering the highest creative calibre of photography in the area.

How do you use Daylite in your industry?

I use opportunities to keep track of potential new clients. I use predefined activity sets that remind me to send information on our various packages, and to follow-up with them after a set period of time. Once business has been won, I create a project for each wedding, family portrait, or commercial shoot I'm involved in. Since Daylite works like a pyramid, I can keep track of everything related to that client under one project and access it easily.

What's your favourite thing about Daylite on iOS?

Being able to view, edit, and create everything I need to run my business from one device that fits in my pocket – and knowing that this information is seamlessly syncing back to the machines in my home and office.

How has Daylite Touch improved your workflow?

Before Daylite, I would write this information down on my notepad and forget about them after a couple days. Daylite automatically pops up and reminds me to contact the bride to see if I can answer any other questions, making my customer service that more personal. This is a HUGE deal for any photographer and can be the difference between you sealing the deal instead of Joe-Photo down the street. People like personal attention and Daylite reminds us, at predetermined times, to give that attention.

Which features do you find most useful to you and your business?

Having projects and tasks on my iPhone is huge – but having the home screen to sum it all up for me on a "today" and "tomorrow" basis is priceless.

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