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Atimi is a cross-platform development company that specializes in Macintosh applications, porting applications from Windows to the Macintosh, and mobile application development for the new generation of smartphones.

As a pure services company, Atimi handles high-value intellectual property for some of the largest technology companies in the world. Atimi's processes ensure their clients reach their projected targets reliably and efficiently, allowing them to focus on building strong, lasting relationships with their own customers. Atimi is a privately owned Canadian corporation. An innovator in the iPhone mobile space – Atimi developed applications for leading global brands in media & entertainment (the New York Times and HBO); fashion (Donna Karan); health (ann-e); youth education and gaming (Etch-A-Sketch by FreezeTag); finance (TIO); sports (Vancouver Canucks) and utility (Drive Savers). More than 60% of the Atimi developed applications have been featured by Apple in TV ads, iTunes advertising in-store or in Apple print ads, and many applications placing in the Top 10 Best / Best in Class App categories with Apple, CNN, the New York Times, Macworld, Time Magazine, as well as numerous online publications.

For a short time we switched to an established well-known web-based CRM. What we found after using it for some time, was they had not only stalled progression of their own product, but they had very limited support for users. The ability to manage fields that pertain to our business model was non-existent and as Macintosh software developers we found the interface design counter-intuitive and an awkward space to work within. We had several issues with adding and removing fields and generating error free reports – forums for the CRM were flawed and supports assistance stopped after referring us back to forums and FAQ pages.

The important point is that the benefits purported by the SaaS based CRM provider were either clunky in real daily use, and the downside of the lack of integration with Mac simply was too much to bear – costing our business productivity and time, which as a custom engineering house, means money.

In coming back to Daylite, Marketcircle’s support teams were involved even before we downloaded the applications. They provide best practice information for migration of information submitted to previous CRM’s. Online information is abundant and never involves guesswork.

So back to Daylite we came, for its ease of use and uncluttered UI, its ability to be part of our all Mac workflow is unparalleled. The easy to use interface lets us connect to our customer base in a more efficient and timely manner. Reports can be generated within minutes with a very minimal learning curve. The features included within the Productivity Suite for desktop and mobile keep our team on track, on time and concentrate on our business – not messing around with configuring our CRM.

“I found myself using Daylite to capture details and define tasks for opportunities and projects, even though we were already using an on-line CRM solution. Daylite's integration with Mail, Address Book and iCal combined with its Mac-friendly user interface and customizable workflow allows me to be far more organized and productive than is possible using a web-based service.”

Tim Stringer, Director of Desktop Sales Atimi Software ·

For our executive team - the need to create and track client and product workflow information needed to be mobile. Daylite Mobile gives us the opportunity to respond to clients needs in moments with information never getting lost in the shuffle. With the sync functionality between mobile and desktop we can go from casual networking to generating new business before the prospective client leaves the room.

“Being away from the office and team members is a regular occurrence. I need to reacquire information while being able to monitor, capture and report on milestones quickly and accurately. Daylite allows my team to keep me apprised of target achievements and I can gather and distribute this information from my iPhone.” Said Scott Michaels, Atimi Vice President. "We run a multi-million dollar business, with very big clients including HBO, ESPN, and a host of others. I could not be happier that we are running Daylite and my business is secure in their toolset."

Scott Michaels, Vice President of Client Services Atimi Software ·

About Scott Michaels

Having worked on the front lines of software development and project management for over a decade, Scott champions the need for a cohesive strategy for companies bringing products to the mobile space. He has worked as part of the W3C in defining standards, and as the lead liaison for bridging innovative technology companies with existing major players, such as HBO, NBC, and other Fortune 500 companies.

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