Designed to Help Your Small Business Grow

We believe in empowering small businesses like yours in a way that helps you flourish. As the premier mac CRM, project management, and sales tracking software, we are committed to supporting small businesses like yours as they strive to grow and expand their operations. Designed specifically for macOS and iOS, Daylite adapts to support you and your team through every step of your growth journey.

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Why Daylite


Be More Productive

Unlike classic CRMs that are built for “the boss” to report on sales with fancy charts, Daylite is designed to support day to day work, not create it. From managing your calendars to sharing tasks and collaborating on projects, Daylite’s productivity-focused design helps you and your team get more done.


Get a Real Mac & iOS App

Love using Apple products? Then you'll love Daylite! Unlike web based CRMs, Daylite is a real macOS and iOS app that allows you to work offline. Say goodbye to waiting for web pages to load and say hello to a snappy app that works seamlessly with the Apple apps you already use and love. Daylite works with Apple Mail, Apple Contacts, Apple Calendar, Siri, Notification Centre, and more.

Screenshot of Daylite on an iPad, iPhone, and MacBook Pro

Adjust as You Grow

Your business is unique. Work the way you and your team want. Daylite is customizable to fit your workflows and it's flexible enough to adjust as you grow. Create custom lead pipelines, organize targeted client lists, and manage interactive project checklists, all with you and your teams’ Mac and iOS devices.


Manage the Full Client Lifecycle

Keep the money flowing by balancing new business coming in with getting client work done. From the first meeting, to staying in touch, closing the deal, finishing the project, and following up for repeat business and referrals – it’s all in Daylite and shared with your team.

Our Story

The Inspiration
Behind Daylite

In a former life, we were a consulting company and struggled with the same things most businesses do – keeping track of relationships and commitments. So we began building a tool that could help us get organized and thrive. After a trip to MacWorld and a run-in with an Apple employee, we were encouraged to sell our tool and that's how Daylite was born.

Focused on Small Business

Instead of building a solution for enterprise businesses, we made it our mission to empower small businesses like yours because we believe you make the world a better place. For over 20 years, we’ve kept our focus on small business and want to help you scale your business into the future.

Why We Chose the Apple Platform

We believe Apple products make the most sense for small businesses. Apple’s commitment to privacy and the intuitiveness of their products means less hassle and more productivity for you. Plus, the reliability and longevity of Apple products makes them more affordable in the long run compared to Windows PCs. Learn more about why Mac means business.

Get Help from a Team That Cares

Our team is here to help support you on your journey. We’re proud to maintain a 95% and higher customer satisfaction rating. We believe empathy goes a long way in communicating with our customers, both large and small, and it seems like they agree!

Portrait of Grant Machearn
Grant MacEachern,

“Best tech support I have received across any software platform.”

Portrait of Hilary Mason
Hilary Mason King,
Creative Moves, LLC

“Very helpful and professional.”

Portrait of Blaine Wease
Blain Wease,
Provincial Development Group

“Staff seem to actually care about helping people.”

Portrait of Ken Eldred
Ken Eldred,
Eldred Communications LLC

“ALWAYS very responsive and capable.”