Wufoo: WebForms

by iOSXpert

Build custom online forms that you can use to capture leads right from your website.

No more data entry

Collect info hassle-free

Capture info for leads and clients right from your website and skip unnecessary data entry. Ask the right questions to qualify your leads, every time.

Integrate seamlessly

Funnel form details directly into your CRM to create a new contact with their details or track potential deals - no more emails with form details sent to your inbox.

How Wufoo can help your CRM game

Wufoo makes it quick and easy for leads to fill out a form on your site or via direct link. This helps you streamline your new lead intake from your website. Leads simply fill out a form on your site, and with their information, you can move on to the next step in your sales process as the lead is funnelled into your CRM. No more data entry every time you get a new lead!

Daylite is a CRM that helps you manage your clients, leads, and projects in one place to simplify your business and help you save time. Using Wufoo and Daylite, you can pull new leads from contact forms on your website and have them added automatically right into Daylite. Leads flow in from your website into Daylite, where you can create a follow-up process to keep track, nudge them forward, and close the deal.

How Wufoo and Daylite can help your business

  • Qualify leads: Create a custom intake form and request the information you need from your leads. Qualify your leads and be prepared before you’ve even spoken.
  • Close more deals: Leads can easily fill out a form and funnel into Daylite so you can start your sales process for easy tracking, follow up, and closing the deal.
  • Save time: No more wasting time with data entry - automate the collection of information for yourself and your leads and clients.
  • Streamlined sales: With leads flowing right into Daylite, your sales process will start off smoothly so you can nudge your lead through each step with ease.

Integrates with:

  • Daylite
  • Wufoo

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Getting Started:

To start integrating Daylite CRM and Wufoo, visit iOSXpert’s website and start a free 30-day trial of WebForms.

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