6 Business Lessons Learned From Star Wars

Scaling / January 7, 2016 / Kristie

Star Wars is more than just a classic film series, it embodies some of the most basic yet profound concepts that apply to life and business. From teaching you to trust in your gut instincts to being a great leader, there are many life and business lessons that can be learned from these epic films.

Take leadership for example. From Han Solo, we learn that it’s important to be a great captain. When his Millennium Falcon was heading straight towards an asteroid field, he led his friends safely through while successfully evading Darth Vader and his Star Destroyers.

At the head of every great business is a great leader– someone with the fine balance of taking charge to steer the ship, while listening to the voices of the team. Someone who can use their team and resources to make it out of sticky situations. A great leader trusts their gut and can adjust their business by quickly making decisions and rolling with the punches. When your Millennium Falcon is heading straight towards an asteroid field, you need a great captain to take charge and make sure you come out alive.

Here are 6 important business lessons that can be learned from Star Wars.




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