“Never Give Up”: Listen to Our CEO AJ on the Elevate Business Podcast

Our Company / August 16, 2021 / Thanny Schmitz

If you, like us, appreciate a motivation boost, the 45th episode of the Elevate Business Podcast, featuring our very own Alykhan Jetha, Marketcircle CEO, is one that will for sure lift you up.

Hosted by Ange MacCabe and Scott Rust, Co-Founders at Intuity Performance, the Elevate Business Podcast podcast is devoted to discovering the path to a successful professional journey, sharing the personal characteristics that drive performance and the actions that make small and medium-size businesses successful around the world.

Image shows a grey background with a round shape at the centre, with AJ's photo inside. The header says "Elevated Business Podcast Interview" in black font, and the bottom shows the Elevate Business Podcast logo beside Daylite logo.

In this episode, AJ shares his key learnings as a business owner and the reasons why, to him, “performance” means hustle, focus and continuous learning. Plus, he shares tips on how to keep teams aligned, especially in a remote environment, and how he offers support for different teams to maintain performance and growth. 

On another moment, when asked what piece of advice or words of inspiration AJ would give to small businesses owners or entrepreneurs looking to thrive, he said: “Never give up, and always be yourself. When you combine these two, you can accomplish and achieve and still be happy”.

We highly recommend you to listen on to understand how AJ and his team at Marketcircle support small business and help thousands of customers across the world with their development software needs. Click here to listen on.

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