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Billings Pro Makes AppStorm’s 7 Best iPhone Billing Apps For Mobile Businesses

It’s been a great lead up to the holidays for Billings Pro! First we were featured on the App Store a few weeks ago and now we’ve made the cut for AppStorm’s top billing apps for mobile businesses.

Who knows what’s next? Maybe Santa will even give us a shout out after he reviews his reports and see’s how much time he’s saved since last year.

Billings Pro Featured in the App Store

We’re honoured and excited to see that Billings Pro has been featured in the App Store! 😀 Continue Reading >

Interested in Beta Testing Billings Pro for iPhone & iPad?

We’re preparing to take Billings Pro on iPhone & iPad to the next level. So we’re on the hunt for people that are all about being mobile when it comes to estimating, time-tracking, and invoicing.

If you’re keen on testing and tinkering with new features for Billings Pro– specifically on the iPhone, iPad and iPad Pro– then jump aboard our beta tester list.

Simply fill out these 4 questions to get added to our beta tester list and we’ll be in touch. Continue Reading >

Meet Our New & Improved Help Centre

We’ve made a lot of changes to the Help Centre to make it easier for you to learn how to use our apps and find answers to your questions. User experience is extremely important to us. It’s why we develop native apps instead of web apps – so you get the best user experience possible. Part of a better user experience is being able to easily learn the apps and get help when you run into hiccups. Continue Reading >

Daylite Plugin Bundle From iOSXpert

Get a bunch of your favourite Daylite plugins from iOSXpert for less. iOSXpert are offering a bundle of 8 Daylite plugins for $30 USD a month per user.


With this bundle, you get FoneConnector, DayliteDocs, GeoFind, WebConnector, ProductivityTools, DayliteMessages, CalendarPublisher and MailChimpConnector.

For more information and to subscribe to this bundle, visit iOSXpert’s Website.

Billings Pro Review on Mac AppStorm

Billings Pro was just reviewed on Mac AppStorm and got a 9/10!

“Overall Billings Pro is an excellent invoicing, time tracking, estimate and account management tool that will make life easier for everyone from freelancers to medium sized businesses.”

Check out the full review here.

Compatibility for OS X El Capitan & iOS 9

As expected, there’s a growing buzz around Apple’s plan to release its newest operating system, OS X El Capitan and iOS 9. As Apple continually improves their operating systems for better user experience and performance, we also continue to improve our apps.

Daylite 5 & Billings Pro Compatibility

Our development team is already taking action to ensure Daylite 5 and Billings Pro are compatible with El Capitan and iOS 9. We aim to have Daylite 5 and Billings Pro compatible in time for Apple’s release of the new operating system. Apple is expected to release OS X El Capitan and iOS 9 in the Fall, although there is no specific date released yet, so we can’t confirm 100% that our apps will be fully compatible on the exact date of the release. As with every release of a new operating system, there are changes that effect our apps– sometime right at the last minute. So while we will try to be ready on day 1, we can’t guarantee our apps will be fully compatible on the actual release date, but we will work as fast as possible to ensure compatibility within the first two weeks of the release.

To keep you in the loop of the compatibility of our apps, you can check out our Marketcircle Compatibility Page. Continue Reading >

Free Daylite Training Courses

We’ve created Free Daylite Training Courses to help everyone learn Daylite. Each course is pre-recorded and broken down into segments so you can learn at your own pace. You can binge watch all of the courses in a row and become a Daylite Superstar overnight, or watch a few at a time and gradually implement what you’ve learned into your workflow. Whatever your pace, they’re there for you watch watch and learn – whenever you want. Continue Reading >

Billings Pro on Apple Watch is coming soon…

It’s Friday and you’re probably already excited about the weekend. Here’s one more thing to look forward to…

We’ve submitted Billings Pro on Apple Watch to the App Store. Billings Pro is coming to a wrist near you.

Our CEO, AJ on the Productivity DJ Podcast

The Productivity DJ is a website and podcast created by Greg Brown that collects the best of productivity programs, processes, people, and ideas. The goal is to help people identify the most important thing to do in the present moment so they can be more efficient in their jobs and personal lives. Productivity DJ Podcast host, Greg Brown, has been using Daylite as his business and personal productivity tool for over 10 years. Greg interviewed our CEO, AJ, to learn the history behind Marketcircle, how Daylite was born, and the challenges faced by AJ when starting his own business.

Continue Reading >