Marketcircle Celebrates Second Consecutive Year as a Great Place to Work

Our Company / October 30, 2023 / Thanny Schmitz

We’re proud to announce that Marketcircle is recognized as a Great Place to Work in Canada for the second time! 

A great place to work starts with the people, which is why this certification is solely based on direct feedback from our team members about their workplace experiences, assessed in a thorough and anonymous survey conducted by the Great Place to Work Institute® Canada.

Earning the “Great Place to Work” certification for the second year in a row is a testament to our unwavering dedication to creating a positive, innovative, and supportive work environment. This recognition reflects not only our commitment to our workforce but also our enduring position as an exceptional place to work.

After raking #32 in 2023’s Best Workplaces™ in Canada list in the “Under 50 Employees” category earlier this year, we’re beyond grateful for yet another achievement as we look forward to continuing to make Marketcircle one of the best companies to work for in Canada.

Illustration shows a group of people happily celebrating Marketcircle’s second certification as a Great Place to Work. The Great Place to Work certified badge is on the top left, with Marketcircle’s logo below it. Purple background.

Why We’re a Great Place to Work

It’s no secret that we’re always raving about the many reasons why we love working at Marketcirle. After all, not everyone can say they work for a company committed to creating a culture of autonomy and purpose and prioritizes its staff’s wellness and success.

Our approach encompasses several essential elements:

Remote work

At the leading edge of remote work for over a decade, we embrace its flexibility while maintaining a culture of balance and collaboration. We believe great work can happen anywhere if you have the right tools and mindset. That’s why we support our team members by providing the necessary tools and technology to stay connected and productive, ensuring that distance doesn’t hinder collaboration and camaraderie.

Read this extra special blog for first-hand accounts from our team members about the impact of remote work on their well-being and work-life balance, which reflects directly in our business success. 

Work-life balance

We understand that work-life balance is not only essential for our team’s well-being but also a crucial element for talentlooking to join our workforce. We support our employees in achieving a healthy work-life balance by providing flexible scheduling options and valuing their personal boundaries. We firmly believe that happy, well-rested employees are more motivated, creative, and dedicated to their work.


Collaboration is the lifeblood of innovation. We promote a collaborative spirit, where team members are encouraged to share ideas, provide feedback, and work together to achieve common goals. Our regular virtual meetings, brainstorming sessions, and communication tools ensure that distance is never a barrier to fruitful collaboration.

Freedom and autonomy

We trust our team members to take ownership of their roles and make the decisions that impact their work. This sense of freedom and autonomy allows creativity to flourish and encourages a sense of ownership in every task.

Core values

Our core values of ownership, empathy, Kaizen, creativity, and teamwork are not just words on paper; they are essential values that guide us as a company and as individuals. So, our core values are at the centre of our positive work environment, which serves as a compass for our daily actions, interactions and overall culture. 

Thank you, Marketcircle Family!

We’re incredibly proud of yet another achievement, and we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our amazing team members who made this recognition possible. Together, we’re shaping a future where technology and entrepreneurship go hand in hand, driving innovation and prosperity for all.

Wrapping Up

Securing a spot on the Great Place to Work® list is a significant achievement for any company. This honour is even more special for us as we’ve done it not once, but twice! This certification is proof of the unwavering dedication, enthusiasm, and outstanding collaboration that characterizes Marketcircle, and it goes to show not only our commitment to creating a safe space where talent can grow and thrive but also to enabling small business owners with Daylite, the best Apple-based CRM and business app.

Ready to be part of something special? If you’re a problem-solver, embrace technology, and love remote work, we’d like to know you! Visit our Careers page, check out our current open positions, and take the first step toward joining our growing team!

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