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7 Tested Ways To Use Texting For Your Small Business

Small Business  May 29, 2017  Kristie Holden

To successfully grow and develop your small business, you have to leverage multiple channels and instruments. Text messaging is one of those instruments you can leverage. With 68% of phone owners checking their devices every hour, SMS might be one of the fastest ways to reach your consumers.

And keep in mind that most messages are read just within 3 minutes of receiving. Considering the statistics above, it might be a good idea to use SMS for time-sensitive promotion campaigns. And when time is not vital, you can support your email or any other marketing campaign with texting.Sending sales offers is just one way to use SMS for communicating with your customers. Another side of the coin here is customer retention. By sending a quick text with an order confirmation, or an appointment notification, you’re letting your clients know that they are cared about.If you run a real estate brokerage, law firm, consulting agency, or any other appointment-based business, you are probably aware of all the losses from no-shows. SMS happens to be a great tool that can help reduce them. In fact, studies prove that appointment reminder texts can lower the number of no-shows by 40%.There is also another type of text reminders you can send out to your clients via SMS – payment reminders. We all know the pain of dealing with non-paying and late-paying customers. Text reminders can help reduce their number.Apart from clients, you can also use texting to communicate with your staff. Sending them a text notifying about an appointment cancellation, or providing delivery pick-up details, is the fastest way to get important information through to them.

There is a great variety of ways how you can use SMS for your small business. The guys from Text Magic have put together an infographic that sums up the most common ones.

texting in business

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