78% of Entrepreneurs Have Chronic Email-Checking Disorder. Do You?

Executing on Plans / August 22, 2019 / Kristie

In a recent study, we surveyed over 50 entrepreneurs about their work and email habits as well as their stress levels. The results of the survey are in and the findings are fascinating!

Check out the results below and see how you compare to other entrepreneurs. Take the quiz below to see if you, too, have this disorder or others related to work and email.

Through the analysis of our survey, we identified that 76% of entrepreneurs have Obsessive Working Disorder (also known as OWD). Side effects of Obsessive Working Disorder include:

  • Excessive working that exceeds 41+ hours a week on a regular basis
  • Frequent burning of the candle at both ends
  • Decreased interest in social activities and hobbies
  • Frequent cancelling of plans in order to “just finish a bit of work”

The bulk of entrepreneurs surveyed (58%) said they work 41-60 hours per week, 14% said 61-80 hours per week, and 4% said they regularly exceed 80 hours per week.

Similar trends appeared when it came to observing entrepreneur’s email habits.

We identified that 49% of entrepreneurs have Email Explosivitis. This is a common case where side effects include:

  • Regular receipt of 51+ emails a day
  • Frequent inbox overload
  • Strong desire to declare email bankruptcy

We found there was a strong correlation between entrepreneurs with Email Explosivitis and those that experience high stress levels. Which begs the question, is too many emails causing an increase in stress for entrepreneurs? It was also found that 58% of entrepreneurs mostly check their email at their desk. This suggests they may not be getting enough exercise or fresh hair, leading to an increase in stress but the study was inconclusive.

The most interesting findings of all was that 78% of entrepreneurs have Chronic Email-Checking Disorder. Side effects of Chronic Email-Checking Disorder include but are not limited to:

  • Excessive email checking throughout the entire day
  • Inability to ignore the notification when they receive an email
  • Loss of social etiquette when around friends by interrupting conversations to check email
  • Decreased ability to focus in conversations when their phone is in the room

Another interesting data point identified is that 87% of entrepreneurs even check work email while on vacation which also had a strong correlation between high levels of stress. It suggests that their inability to ignore email even while on vacation may be affecting their ability to relax and destress.

For most of these ailments listed above, there may not be a cure although regular use of Daylite has been found to provide relief for the majority of the above disorders. For entrepreneurs constantly checking email on the go and experiencing stress or anxiety about what they need to do to get those emails processed, Daylite Mail for iPhone & iPad may be a solution. Side effects include:

  • Increase in productivity
  • Increase in ability to make use of idle time so you can process emails and relax knowing your action items are taken care of and communication is organized in one place
  • Improved organization
  • Decreased stress
  • Increased sense of peace of mind

While Daylite can’t completely cure entrepreneurs of Obsessive Working Disorder, Email Explosivitis, or Constant Email-Checking Disorder, it can improve organization and productivity which leads to less overall stress about your business and forgetting to follow up. Ask your doctor if Daylite is right for you.

Want to know if you have Obsessive Working Disorder, Email Explosivitis, or Chronic Email-Checking Disorder? Take the quiz below! 👇

Flowchart to see how healthy your work and email habits are

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