Billings Touch Easter Egg Hunt

Scaling / February 1, 2010 / Ryan

A lot of people in our office are obsessed with the TV show LOST – so obsessed that they’ve built a LOST-related easter egg into Billings Touch. I myself have never seen the show (I know, I know), but apparently it’s about a bunch of survivors that travel forwards and backward through time.

One of the engineers is going to lend me Season One on BluRay so I can appreciate the easter egg myself (and I hear it’s an awesome show).

You can download Billings Touch for free in the App Store – so anyone with an iPhone or iPod touch can participate!

If you’ve found the easter egg, send me an email with a screenshot. If you aren’t sure how to take a screenshot, you can learn how to here.

The first three users to find the easter egg will receive a free Billings Mac license.

And so, the hunt is on!

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