Daylite Touch 1.5 Submitted to App Store

News & Events / July 28, 2010 / ryan

We’ve submitted Daylite Touch 1.5 to the App Store and are awaiting approval (should be in the next few days).

Daylite Touch 1.5 will require Daylite 3.11, released yesterday. You’ll also need to be running iOS 3.1.3 or later – iOS 4 is recommended.

The biggest new feature in Daylite Touch 1.5 is local reminders; reminders from Daylite on your Mac will now show up in Daylite Touch, and notify you of an event, even if Daylite Touch isn’t running.

We’ve also added support for iOS4’s multitasking feature (only for iOS devices that support multitasking).

As soon as it’s available for download, we’ll let you know.

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4 Responses to “Daylite Touch 1.5 Submitted to App Store”

  1. Is Daylite touch 1.5 optimized for the iPad or retina-display of iphone4?

  2. Daylite Touch 1.5 has been optimized for the retina display – not for iPad though.

  3. Daylite Touch 1.5 ready for download … the reminders are great!

  4. Tom
  5. When will you add invitations to the daylite and daylite touch?
    it is something I am asked all the time by customers on windows with outlook

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