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Internet Marketing Lead Generation Ecosystem [Infographic]

Small Business  May 24, 2017  Brad Shorr

The more complicated something is, the more important it is to have instructions about how to use it. That’s true of Internet marketing, which requires so many moving parts to work that it can be nearly impossible to keep track of them all.

Because there are so many pieces that go into an Internet marketing campaign, and because they all need to fit together in a particular way to be most effective, the absence of any of them can lead to disaster. Even if your campaign is missing one small element, you may be leaving sales behind and hurting the entire operation.

At Straight North, an Internet marketing services firm based in the Chicago area, we created the following infographic to illustrate the complexity of the lead generation process. This graphic can serve as a blueprint for anyone building or optimizing an Internet marketing lead generation campaign.

By detailing everything that goes into making a successful campaign work, this flowchart can help you ensure that everything your campaign needs is present and will fit together properly to provide the best possible results for your website and your campaign.

Internet marketing is an extremely complex process, but hopefully this can serve as the instructions you need to understand how it works.


Infographic created by Straight North, an internet marketing services firm.


Author Bio:

Brad Shorr is Director of Content Strategy at Straight North, an Internet marketing company that provides SEO, PPC and web design services. Shorr, who has more than 25 years of sales and marketing experience, has been featured in leading online publications including American Marketing Association, Forbes and Entrepreneur.

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