It’s Tax Season. Run These Reports to Ease Tax Pain.

Quick Tips / March 18, 2015 / Kristie

Some people get excited about Spring. Others get depressed knowing that with spring time comes the dreaded tax season. As a small business owner or freelancer, keeping track of all the information you need for tax season can also be a pain. Hence why this commercial about tax pain resonates with people so well. With Billings Pro, pulling together your business information for your taxes doesn’t have to be a struggle. Keep tax pain at bay by using Billings Pro, and running these two simple reports for your accountant.

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Taxes Collected Report

To figure out the amount you’ve collected in taxes over the year, run the Taxes Collected Report in Billings Pro. This report shows you the total amount of tax you’ve collected, your rate, and the invoice number. Send this on over to your accountant and do a happy dance that you didn’t have to manually calculate the tax you’ve collected from all your invoices.

Select “Taxes Collected” from the Report options, enter in the date range, click “Run” and voila!taxes_collected_report

Billed & Collected Report

Another report to help you while doing taxes is the Billed and Collected Report. This report is as simple as it sounds. It shows you the total amount within a date range the total amount you’ve billed and the total amount you’ve collected including taxes, retainer fees, etc.

Select “Billed & Collected” from the Report options, enter in the date range, and click “Run”. It’s that simple.


Send these reports to your accountant, then get back to doing the work you love.

David French is a tutor and electrician in the UK. He uses Billings Pro to keep track of his invoices for his multiple business. He saves himself hours by running simple reports in Billings Pro, rather than rummaging through files for the information he needs for his taxes.

“Generally in the UK everybody does their tax return in a huge rush at the end of January. A lot of people here will spend hours and hours looking for data, invoices, payment records, etc. They can spend days doing this. When it came to filling in my tax return for the 3 separate businesses I was running, it literally took about half an hour in Billings Pro. All the info was right there, exactly where I needed it.” – David French

If you need help building custom repots, contact one of our Marketcircle Experts that is a report specialist.

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