My Experience with Billings 3

Our Customers / April 21, 2011 / Ryan

A great review of Billings 3 by Chris Honniball of Media Lab Creative.

When I stumbled upon Marketcircle’s little gem of an application I was searching for an invoicing system that:

  • Didn’t require me to pay a monthly membership.
  • Wasn’t a web application.
  • Had a custom invoice design option.
  • Was easy to use.
  • Looked like it was a Mac App.
  • Billings fit the bill.

After two days, 6 hours of experimenting, one estimate, and one timed project; I’ve come to the conclusion that Billings 3 is some pretty impressive software. Though it still has it’s pitfalls, it is an extremely useful application I would recommend to any freelancer.

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