Organize your contacts with Daylite Groups

Quick Tips / February 24, 2014 / Kristie

Organizing your contacts can be done many different ways in Daylite. You can filter through your contacts by specific criteria such as location, keyword or by category and create Smart Lists to save this list of contacts. Another way to organize contacts in Daylite is by Groups. Using Groups in Daylite is helpful when you want to lump multiple contacts together that may not have similarities for filtering. An example of this would be if you’re working on a project that has multiple people involved that all need to be informed about any major changes or updates. You can create a Group in Daylite so that anytime you need to e-mail these people, you can easily select the group rather than having to remember each individual and make sure that you included them in the e-mail chain.

Adding People to Groups

There are two ways that you can add people to a Group. The first is to create a new Group in Daylite by selecting the Group tab in your sidebar and clicking the “+New Group” button in the top left window. After naming the group you can click the “+Add Person” button in the New Group window and select the people you want in the Group. Click “Save All”.

Another way to add contacts to a Group in Daylite is by starting from the person.  Select the contact that you would like to add to the Group and click the “edit” button of the contact card. Now in the edit window click the “+Add Group” button and enter in the name of the Group that you’d like the person to be added.

E-mailing a Group in Daylite

Now that I have my contacts in the group, I want to e-mail everyone in the Design Group to ask them to review and offer feedback. All I have to do is select the Group in Daylite and hold shift and select the first contact and last contact in the list to select all. Then I right click and select “write e-mail”. All of the people’s e-mail addresses will be pulled into a new e-mail window in Mail without you having to remember each person that needs to be included.
Groups can be used for other things such as a mailing list for clients that you want to send Christmas cards to, or a select group of people you want to offer a special promotion. You can even use groups for your own reference to remember everyone involved on a certain project or in a specific department. If you have a group for each department in your office, it makes it easy to mail out memos that pertain to a particular group of people. You can also filter for contacts that are linked to a Group.


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