The Female Entrepreneur: Women who run their world [Infographic]

Scaling / October 18, 2016 / Kristie

For decades—or more like centuries—it was hard, even illegal, for women to own or run their own businesses. Laws prevented them from borrowing money, or even working while married or pregnant.

But time, effort, and legal changes have reshaped the workplace. Women’s ideas, their acumen, their intelligence, and their work ethic have all played a part in the gradual cracking of the glass ceiling. One key act was the 1974 Equal Credit Act, which outlawed discrimination based on sex, religion, race, and marital status, among other things.

Today, women are creating businesses at a record rate, to the tune of 9 million women-owned businesses today. And that’s not all: Women-owned businesses are expected to generate about 5 million jobs by 2018. And those women-owned businesses aren’t growing at the same rate—they’re growing at one and a half times faster than others.

Want to learn more about this interesting development and key women participants? Check out this infographic.

The Female Entrepreneur: Women who run their world


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