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How Daylite Helps Solpak Offer a Heightened Customer Experience and Keep Their Team in Sync

Solpak is a Canadian meal packaging and delivery solutions provider with clients all across the country. David Salerno started Solpak with the idea of providing an all-in-one service to make improving systems simple for clients. Having efficient processes and systems is part of Solpak’s DNA. So when it came time to find a Mac CRM, David chose Daylite as their all-in-one client and process management tool.

The challenge

When David and his team switched from PCs to Macs, they needed to find a Mac CRM that could help them keep track of clients, follow-ups, and appointments. Having a consistent client experience is critical so they needed a tool to help them remember every detail about their clients and all their communication no matter which department.

"The value of a relationship is increased when there’s a consistent and personalized customer experience. When all the communication is in one place, they realize everyone is aligned around them no matter which department they’re speaking to." -David Salerno, Solpak

The solution

After evaluating multiple CRMs, David chose Daylite because he saw how it could help them have everything – clients, appointments, tasks, and projects – all in one place.

"We tried HubSpot and Infusionsoft but they didn’t offer what Daylite does in terms of connecting everything in one place including projects. And other CRMs didn’t sync Contacts and Calendars on iPhone and iPad like Daylite. I had a consultant assess Daylite compared to other CRMs and he was impressed by the completeness of Daylite – even when compared to Salesforce." -David Salerno, Solpak

The result

"Daylite keeps our team in sync, and with everything in one place, it helps us offer a heightened and more personalized experience." -David Salerno, Solpak

Improved client experience

Solpak is able to provide a heightened client experience by having all their communication shared and in one place. Every email, call, and detail is captured in Daylite so anyone from any department can pick up where someone left off and have the full 360-degree view of the client.

Streamlined sales process

Daylite helped Solpak streamline their sales process by being able to track each and every opportunity along with what stage of the sales funnel it’s in. When Solpak has a lead interested in their service, they create an Opportunity and use a Pipeline to track each stage of the deal. This way they can visually track what stage each deal is in and know what needs to be done next to push it forward.

"Daylite makes sure we don’t drop the ball on opportunities. It helps us follow through and spot when opportunities are stalling. This also helps us coach new salespeople." -David Salerno, Solpak

Smooth onboarding for new clients

Winning the deal is just the beginning. After the deal is won, David’s team needs to onboard the new client and go through a series of steps depending on the service they’re providing. To make sure they’re consistently following the right steps, they use Daylite projects and pipelines.

"Daylite helps our team stay in sync with what needs to be done and when. It creates structure and provides guardrails so we don’t drop the ball. With Daylite we can see what activity has been done and if anyone’s waiting on something." -David Salerno, Solpak

To get a visual overview of where each deal and project are, Solpak uses the Kanban Boards add-on from iOSXpert.

"I love the Kanban boards because it’s visual. It’s easy to forget to update the status on projects or tasks so this makes it easier to move them around and see visually where everything is." -David Salerno, Solpak

Staying in touch with clients

To make sure they’re touching base with clients at least every 6 months, David and his team have set up Smart Lists in Daylite. From a Contact list, they filter for clients who have had no activity in the last 6 months and save this as a go-to list.

To help Solpak’s technicians see what other customers or prospects are in the area when they’re on the road, they use the Web&Maps add-on from iOSXpert.

To learn more about Solpak, visit their website and connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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